Monday, October 02, 2006

Smogging in California sucks!

Dammit, I gotta smog the zenki 86. But even though it has a new motor and less than 3000 miles on it since the rebuild... I just took it to get smogged, and I found out there's no way in hell I'm gonna pass. The reason why? I need a new catalytic converter.

Hmmm that's all good, my boy Edrick at sells high flow cats, and I know he'll hook up a good discount! Ok time to order that joint Edrick!

Hopefully my friend Jay at Wesco Toyota can order me an 02 Sensor also. Hmmm... well I guess, I'll try just replacing the cat first so I don't need to waste unneccessary funds on the 02 sensor. God knows I could spend the money on other things right now.

Hopefully Ray finds out how much those adjustable height camber plates will cost me also, so I can lower the front of my zenki! Now that it has the nicely stretched 185/60 tires over the 8J and 8.5J, I need to lower the front because there's more sidewall clearance now! Damn, more parts to buy, but screw it, the stance will be dope as hell.

Stance= the combination of wide wheels + negative offset + stretched tires + negative camber + the proper slam! It is everything to your car. It governs the whole look of the car, and the feeling you get when you're driving it. More on this later...


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