Saturday, October 07, 2006

Goodbye Green Mango

Well most people didn't even know this, but aside from my clean orange original paint 1973 Corolla SR, I also had a clean "pea green" 1972 Corolla Deluxe coupe, which filipinos also refer to as "raw mango." I think the actual term for it is "mangan hilaw" or something. Sorry I'm not the most filipino of filipino guys, since I grew up in Cali since I was 3 years old. Anyways.

So shortly after my last trip to Hawaii, where I was chillin with my new friends and mango owners Mike Whaley and Justin da Bull. They were telling me about how their friend was looking for a clean TE27 (mango) body and I mentioned I had one. Well no joke, their friend sent me some money right away, and I ended up selling the car. Of course, for me I didn't want to let it go, because it was sooooo clean and factory original. However, I just felt that right now I didn't have enough time or energy to focus on the car, and give it the love and attention it deserved. So, I had to see to it that it got taken care of by a new owner who would make the car more of a priority and focus on its restoration more. See, for me, the orange 1973 Corolla SR would always take priority over this 1972 mango.

Okay, so anyways the OEM Toyota downdraft POS carburetor needed adjusting, and the car's idle was a bit messed up, as it kept dying when you cruise to a stop sign. So I brought it to my friend Ray's shop in Diamond Bar CA, Racetoys. They worked on the car because i didnt have the OEM carb know how, and frankly, no time to deal with it.

So Ray adjusted the carb (which needed to be replaced) because the new owner of the car said, don't worry about anything, I'm gonna swap the engine and transmission as soon as it gets to Hawaii. So we just tuned the carb as much as possible, and turned up the idle... and decided to gas it up and drive it home.

I had my friend Ronny come with me, so he could follow the pea green mango home, with my red zenki AE86. So we were getting on the 57 freeway, when we ended up having a bit of trouble. This carburetor was really a piece of junk. It couldn't accelerate up the hill, it was having such a hard time and I was flooring it. I discovered there was some fuel leaking from the side of the carb.

So F it... I decided to just pull it over and tow it. This happened sometime last week, and I was just talking to my friend Eugene today, and he was like, "Yo I think I saw you... were you on the side of the 57 freeway last week with your car? I saw your red AE86 and another older Corolla..." Yeah that was me! And my friend Ronny. Good lookin out for stopping Eugene! haha!

Within 20 short minutes, the AAA authorized tow truck came to the us, parked on the side of the 57 fwy Northbound, and began picking up the car to tow it to my place. I had my Canon digital SLR in the back of my AE86, so I decided to take some pics...

My 1972 TE27 Corolla coupe Deluxe (mango) chillin out on the side of the freeway. My friend Ronny is up front, talking to the tow truck driver.

The front view of my 1972 TE27 Corolla coupe Deluxe (mango). Pretty clean right! This car has original paint and interior, and has never been in an accident, ever. This car is 34 years old! It's almost as old as Jay Yoshida and Herb!

The tow truck driver is hooking up the car, while cars pass us on the side of the freeway. Those cars were going pretty damn fast. You can see my red zenki AE86 in the background. Ahh... I love AE86 and TE27!

But I don't like it when TE27s are broken on the side of the freeway. Ya know, just because the car is old, I don't want you to think TE27s are unreliable. The car only stopped on the freeway cause it just wasn't accelerating up the hill. I knew the carburetor was bad, and I could have replaced it... but I had just sold the car, and I also knew that the new owner would remove this engine and carburetor anyway, so there was no point in fixing it. If you're driving the car around town (not up a hill) then it runs fine. But at least my 1973 Corolla doesn't have problems going up hills. My 73 Corolla is fast as hell!

Anyway, I love the body lines of these cars. They have so much detail and character! Shit, I guess I'd rather have a broken TE27 than like... a running Dodge Neon. A non running TE27 still looks alot cooler than a Neon. By all means. If you don't agree, then you don't know what you're talking about anyway.

When the tow truck driver was pulling my chuki (middle version) mango up the ramp, even he said "man this is a cool car! This thing's pretty clean huh!" Well no shit. But too bad the clean car can't accelerate up hills due to the POS Carburetor. Normal 2TCs and 3TCs have no problem. Those are real strong engines.

Here's the tow truck driver hooking up the back of the car, while people speed past us.

This car is currently in a shipping container in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, on the way to Hawaii, where it will be greeted by the cool ocean breeze and swaying palm trees, the strumming of ukeleles, and hot ass chicks in bikinis on the beach. Hey bradda good luck yah! Shoots!

Ohhh... by the way.
My 72 Mango has been on TV! It was recently feature on REDLINE TV on Speed Channel, in one of my photo shoots. The Redline TV crew came out to my house, and then followed me around for a couple days, filming a "day in the life" kind of story on me. Not that I'm special, but they came out to film because I have just written the first hardcover book on DRIFTING! Get a copy at<

On the day of the photo shoot, I had to take a catalog photo for my clothing line, called Cipher Garage Clothing. You can check out the clothing I make by clicking on the photo below. You can watch the photo shoot on TV, watch for Redline TV on your local cable TV Guide. Anyway, here's my chuki mango in the photo shoot.


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