Sunday, October 08, 2006

VIP Car Meet at Autobacs

Yesterday, I was running around in my zenki 86, doing some errands... I went to the Pacific Rim warehouse to give my friend Julian some photography tips, and let him borrow some lenses for his trip to Vegas for the Lowrider Super Show.

They were going to Vegas to trailer up our friend Linda's uhmm.. trailer. She sells shirts and other merchandise out of that trailer, and she cleans up shop! Linda kicks ass! She is a successful Chicana herself. Props to her for doin it big! Her clothing line is called Chicana Wear, and she sells em to all the people that go to events where there are a large population of latinos. The Lowrider Super Show would definitely be one of them. There's gotta be a ton of 64 Impalas riding 3 wheel motion over there... and you KNOW there's gonna be a ton of hynas around. No not hyena. Hyenas are the animals from the Lion King which were trying to eat Simba. Hynas (dude I dunno if I'm spelling that shit correctly or not. Frankly I don't really care either. It's not a part of my every day vocab anyway.) are the latina chicks that chill out posing on the cars. If they were asian chicks, they might be called import models or hoodrats or something.

Okay. Damn I'm off topic again. We were supposed to talk about VIP cars, but we were talking about hynas instead. Focus! Okay so after I left Pacific Rim, I went to Walmart real quick, where I saw a whole lot of hynas... dude! Stop talking about the hynas dammit! Okay well anyway I went to Walmart real quick and I was trippin cause I saw that they have pretty damn good digital cameras there!

I'm a professional photographer, and I only have my big Canon equipment. I love my Canon digital SLR, but sometimes it's just too bulky to take around. Especially to clubs and going to dinner and stuff. So anyways, I saw this Casio Exilim digial camera for only $225! Damn that's hella cheap. It's a 6 megapixel camera with a big ass screen, and it's very SLIM so it fits in my pocket! Dope! I bought it cause I had some extra cash laying around, and I have been needing a small camera for years.

So my friend Joyce called me up and said "yo I'm on my way to your pad to pick you up. Let's go to the VIP Meet at Autobacs." Okay so I jammed home real quick and got ready. I didn't buy a memory card yet, since my Canon SLR uses CF cards, and this Casio thing uses SD cards. I didn't wanna spend $88 to buy a 2GB SD card at Walmart, when I could buy it online for like $40 or 50 bucks. But I was excited to try out my little camera, so I brought it anyway.

I was pretty disappointed with the VIP Meet at Autobacs. There werent really any VIP cars there. I mean there were a few Infinitis and Lexi, but most of them were pretty far from VIP to be honest. When I say VIP car I say I want that thing first and foremost to have an aggressive stance. What I saw there were some Japanese luxury vehicles "in construction." I mean, I don't want to say anything bad, because meets aren't carshows or anything. It's just a place where owners of a particular type of car get together and talk abotu their cars and help each other out. But to be honest, I wasn't feeling alot of the cars there. They were either not low enough, didn't have good enough wheels, had ugly aero, or didn't have good enough wheels. Wheels are a real big thing to me. If your wheels don't look good, then the rest of the car doesn't matter.

One good point about the meet is, the Groovy Drift guys were out there doing an RC Drifting competition. The Groovy Drift guys put on a very professional event. The RC track looked pretty professional, and I liked that. They are certainly elevating the level of RC car stuff. It's not just a toy to play with in your driveway anymore. I have never really sat around to watch one of those, but I had nothing better to do at this meet, so I did. It was cool to see that these guys had some realistic replica RC cars of real drift cars! Some guy had a Kumakubo "Team Orange" WRX STi, and one other guy had a Toyota Chaser painted to look like my friend Hiro Sumida's smashed up JZX90 Chaser, which he drove to a podium finish at Formula D New Jersey. Dope! But the highlight of the Groovy Drift event, was import model Jeri Lee was there. She's pretty cool, I like her. However, I kinda don't think she's much into RC cars, so I was wondering if she was bored or not. Well she didn't look bored so that's a good thing. Models should always LOOK like they want to be there, even though they really might not wanna be there. It's part of the job. Ya hear that, models???

So anyways we chilled out with some of our friends from an OC crew called Goodfeeling. They aren't a VIP crew or anything, but shit, my friend Paul from Goodfeeling has a Miata with a stance that many VIP cars should be envious of. And it's a Miata! It's a small convertible car that most people don't even think about. But his car is pretty bad ass. Definitely one of my favorite Miatas around, except I dunno about your horn button Paul. I know it's supposed to be funny, but I'm just saying! hahaa

So I decided to chill out with Joyce at the cafe/bakery thing next to Autobacs. They have pretty good smoothies, and it looks like Paris in there. They have grass with picnic tables and the sky painted on the ceiling and shit. They have drinks that are called "Smooth exhaust" and "Orange headers" and stuff. Pretty cool, cause they're next to Autobacs. But it doesn't match the Paris decor. But I dig that place, it's good.

Yeah yeah so Joyce's boyfriend Jay rolls up in his blue AE86 coupe. We chilled for a bit, then decided to get ramen at one of my favorite spots, called GOMEN. Gomen is on Katella Road, and they are famous for their Tonkotsu Ramen, but I really like their Chicken Mabo Tofu Ramen. It's the bomb! I ordered the super spicy one cause I forgot that I liked it medium spicy, so my mouth was on fire! Anyways after we ate ramen, we went outside, and I wanted to take pics of Joyce's Lexus with my new camera's onboard memory.

I think Joyce's 161 style Lexus GS400 is pretty dope. She just got the car recently, and she fixed it up in pretty much the same way I would have. I think that's awesome because she is a GIRL and her car looks more bad ass than many so called VIP cars owned by GUYS. She started with suspension- she got Tein coilovers with EDFC, and then she got some Junction Produce Scara wheels. She wasn't sure if they would fit at first because they were pretty wide! 10J and 11J to be exact! Just remember that this car is owned by a GIRL and SHE is the one making decisions about what to do to her car! It's not like her boyfriend made all the decisions on the car for her... he does help her get parts, but it is Joyce who makes all the decisions on what she wants to buy, and she is very picky. I think that's good. Picky people who know what they like, usually don't settle for BS parts, and they usually have nice cars.

She needed some tires to stretch over her wheels, so I helped her get some Falken FK452 tires, which are pretty much my favorite tire for doing the stretched VIP car look. Thanks to my boy Kelvin at Falken Tire for helping us get the tires! I talked to some of my other friends about tire size, and advised Joyce about it... then she was like let's do it! So we got the tires and stretched them out over her super wide Junction Produce wheels! She went to our friend Marlon Langit's shop, S&M Automotive to get the tires mounted and balanced, and to check wheel fitment. Marlon is a super cool guy, and he is an awesome cook! Get your car worked on at his shop, and he will invite you to one of his super dope BBQs someday!

He put the car up on the lift, and we test fitted the wheels. At first, Joyce was like "oh nooooo!!! It looks like frogger!" which is her term for "it sticks out too much." But I guess I have a different style cause I'm a real 86 guy. I LIKE the wheels to stick out a little bit. Not like Mexican lowrider style, but I do like the lips to protrude from the fender ever so slightly, as long as the top of the tire is still inside the fender.

I kept telling Joyce "don't trip! It looks soooo PERFECT to me!" I knew that all she had to do was add more camber to get the tires inside the fender, so it didn't look like a lowrider. But she was still worried. But like I promised, it was all good, and it came out perfect! See! Now Joyce knows that she should always trust me when it comes to wheels and food. I know what I'm talking about! =)

So check out Joyce's car!

This is the back of Joyce's Lex outside of the ramen shop we ate at last night. Good offset right? She wants her car to look more professional and subtle, because she sometimes needs to take clients out in her car. That's totally understandable. However, for me... if it was my car, I'd be down to have it stick out a bit more, because all my clients work in the automotive industry, and I'm just kinda gangster like that. I do think Joyce's car looks very sophisticated and clean. Totally shows her personal style.

This is Joyce's Junction Produce Scara wheel on the front of her GS400. See that fitment? And it's NOT on air suspension. This girl drives her car everyday, rocking COILOVERS! And her wheels fit more aggressively than most guys wheels! Time to rethink your offset guys. You just got schooled by a girl.

The weapon of choice... Falken Tires FK452. This tire is excellent for stretching out and making your car look gangster. Falken Tire is an innovator in the automotive industry, connecting themselves with VIP styling early in the game, before the other duplicators knew what was going on. And it isn't a marketing ploy. Quite a few people at Falken drive VIP cars, including their Brand Manager, Nick. Get more information on the Falken FK-452 tire by clicking on the Falken FK-452 Website.

Here's the front of Joyce's Lex. The wheels fit like an AE86's wheels are supposed to! I'm so proud of her. Just wait until you see the car with her new front lip spoiler!

I'll take more pics in the morning later, so you can see. These pics were taken with my new Casio digital camera, without flash. Now that I've tested this camera, I think I'm going to return it and buy the next model up, which allows me to switch to higher ISO settings (1600 film speed) for night time shots.


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