Sunday, October 08, 2006

Chino Hills AE86 Meet

Damn I showed up late to this meet, not because of Filipino Time (usually that's the problem, but not today), but because last night I was eating ramen with my good friends Jay and Joyce... and then Joyce asked me to turn down the ringer on my cellphone cause it's stupid loud (Cause I can never hear anything, my hearing sucks) and she didn't want the nice Japanese people to get scared of the loud ass "Welcome to Jamrock" phone ringer. So I did turn it down, but then I FORGOT to turn it back on! So this morning when Joyce and Jay called me, I didn't hear it. And like 2.5 hours later, I checked my phone like "why havent they called yet" and I discovered they DID call but I couldnt hear it cause I didn't turn the ringer back up! Dammit! So my friends were leaving and I wasn't at their place, where everyone else met up.

Oh well! So anyways the meet was really cool, it was nice to see some old friends I havent seen in a while. Good job to the guys who put it together, it was cool to see all the 86s out there!

(BTW I couldnt take a lot of pics, because I didn't buy an SD memory card for my new point n shoot Casio digital camera yet, so I was limited to only 6 pics, which was the max I could fit with the onboard memory) Here's the pics.

My zenki 86 had some OG Work Equip wheels back on it, haven't had these on the car for a lonnnnng time! Oh and THANK YOU to the guys who bought books from me at the meet!

My friend Jasen hit me up, asking me if I happened to have any books on me... which I actually DID have some in the trunk, so he wanted to buy one. And then quite a few others came up to buy books too! Damn I didnt expect that, but that was COOL! Thanks for the support guys! Thanks to you guys, I had some cash to buy popcorn chicken and boba this evening!

Okay well this dude right here, my boy Eric gets the award for my favorite wheels at the meet.

Cause they're Modex K/T Dori Dori wheels? NO. That's what newbie internet Corolla homos might think, but his wheels are sick because of the fitment! And this color is very rare! Light gold! It's the same color as the ones on Youichi Imamura's brown ICBM AE86. Very dope. Good job Eric. I love it!

Wussup with those sunken-in panel on the Originlab front fenders tho?! I think you got a bunk pair or something! But STOCK METAL FENDERS are the best! Hit me up if you need some. I'll help a brotha out.

The other award for the best wheels go to... THIS car. Okay, so it's NOT a Corolla. Who cares. My boy Paul from Good Feeling brings the real Road&Ster spirit to Orange County. I'm not like usually the biggest fan of Miatas, cause I'm not super into convertibles or anything. In fact alot of my 86 friends don't like convertibles, cause you always see girls driving them. (In fact, the only Miatas I really like ALOT are Paul's car, and my friend Ricky's car from SF)

But yo you can't say ANYTHING bout Paul's car! This is not for batty bwoys! Nothing gay about this Roadster! This Miata looks super mean, super buff! It's all about his stance! Negative camber, deep offset, tire stretch, and factory steel fenders. Awesome. Looks like alot of the guys from the Hachi&Roku community can learn alot from my boy Paul and his Road&Ster. Nice new front lip by the way, and I like the car muchhhhhhh more with the hardtop on! This Miata is sick!

Right when I got to the meet, a Filipino guy with a cool looking JDM style Advan shirt came up and introduced himself to me. He owns this Celica, and he was like, "yo I've never met you before, so I just wanted to introduce myself..." Such a cool guy!

Man but what you guys might not believe, is the guy who owns this Celica is none other than the infamous Junior Asper from the legendary street drag crew, Redline Racing. For those who don't know much about old school Southern Cali street drag history, lemme break it down for you right quick. Junior got a ton of fame and street cred as the first person to bring an import car into the 13s, back in the days when import drag was the shit. Redline certainly was the crew everyone wanted to beat back then! Big ups to Redline, and all the other old school drag crews like Wicked and Cyber and everyone else... Now Junior has moved his attention from Hondas to Toyotas, with a newly done up AE86 2tone hatchback, which you can see in the current issue of Import Tuner.

But this is Junior's street car, a super clean original paint RA40 Toyota Celica, either an 1980 or 1981. See the wheels? Good offset Epsilons keep his Celica buffed. Wow, and old school original paint Toyota Celica AND Epsilon wheels? Man there's no mistaking that, Junior, you ARE Filipino. Pinoy pa rin! hahahaaa!

I think the OG pinstripes on Junior's RA40 Celica are pretty cool. You don't see much of these cars out on the streets anymore, especially not COOL ones. Usually they Celicas like this that you see are all beat up or low budget.

Good lookin out to people like Junior, and my friend Richard Rabe (aka Celicadrifter), and whoever keeps the Dan Gurney RA40 Celica Celebrity race car on point!

You can't tell from the photo (I was using a small Casio point n shoot, not my Canon SLR) but Junior's tail lights are hellllla clean! What you CAN see however, is the awesome fitment of the Epsilon wheels on the Celica's FACTORY steel fenders!

You don't see THAT often! Good style! Nice!

Here's another thing you don't see often. A big black dude with cornrows and dark glasses chillin out having boba in Rowland Heights, at Tapioca Express.

See all those chinese magazines and comicbooks behind him??? Yeah that's just something you don't see alot. This is my boy Dee, and he is an OG 86er! Homeboy got a blue kouki AE86 that he runs up in the canyons all the time! Dee is real cool, so next time you see him at an 86 meet, say wussup to him! People might be kind of intimidated by him because he's kinda quiet, but seriously he is cool as hell, you guys gotta say wussup. Let's face it though, I guess some little asian people just don't feel comfortable around big black dudes with cornrows and dark glasses! But Dee is our boy, and we've known him a hella long time! He is cool as hell! Next tie you see him, go up to him and give him a hug! And then hope he doesnt beat your ass for that public display of affection. haha

Oh and homeboy is straight comedy at Tapioca Express! We were chillin out eating popcorn chicken and watermelon slush... and then my friend Jay was tellin me... "Oh dang! There's an unwrapped condom on the floor right next to the cash register!" and when I saw it, I was like WTF! So I walked back to the table with my black tea, and I told Dee, "damn man there's a condom on the ground right in front of the cash register" and he was like "wait... what color is it?" Red I said. And he was like "Oh shit, that shit's mine" and he got up to go get it. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAAAAAA me and Jay were rollin laughing~!! Fuckin Dee! hahahahaaaa....


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