Monday, October 09, 2006

Cipher Garage Clothing. Produced in LA by a real AE86er, picked up and delivered in a real AE86. With good wheels.

This is the CG zenki 86 again, parked hella far from the curb in downtown LA. Yeah I know I did a lousy parking job, but I had to pick up some stuff from this store which was gonna close in 5 minutes, so I just said F it.

I had to go to downtown LA today to pick up some shirts and stuff. We're running a bit last minute right now, and we gotta produce a ton of clothing for the big event this weekend, the Formula D Series Finale at Irwindale Speedway on Saturday.

I had to go to the American Apparel factory HQ to pick up the blank girls boybeaters and zip hoodies, as well as a shirt Heidi ordered.

Heidi is so cool, she is looking for an AE86 and she is helping me right now on some Cipher Garage clothing projects. That girl got some style! I dig it. She's gonna help out at the Cipher Garage booth at Formula D this weekend, so make sure you guys all say wussup to her! She will be the cute Filipina chick wearing the sheer gray "Drifting changed my life" tanktop, and the rest of the outfit will be stylish as hell! haha

I was driving around in downtown LA and I just thought I'd snap a pic with my new digital camera, since I was at a stoplight. I love LA. Not because it's the cleanest place, or the most safe, or scenic, and not because it has clean air, and is free of crime or anything like that.

I like LA because it's a big city, and almost EVERYTHING is there- from dope restaurants to tons of car shops with the best JDM parts, and of course all the resources you need if you want to start your own clothing line, or want to become a photographer. Hmmm, sounds like this stuff pertains to me, doesn't it? Well that's why I live in LA.

If I wanted to choose a city with nicer scenery, I'd definitely have to choose Tokyo, San Francisco, Honolulu, or Vancouver. It's a no brainer. But for the line of work I'm in, and the other interests I have... LA is the place.

Okay, I guess you shouldn't really be trying to take pics while you're driving, especially in downtown LA. But the coast was clear, and I wanted to take a pic of my Nardi Tokyo horn button. I'm such a showoff.

I went to the American Apparel factory HQ to pick up the girls tanktops and hoodies. This is one of the boxes of boybeaters, which I put in the back seat of my AE86.

American Apparel stuff is pretty expensive, and to be honest, I make alot less money when I make the girls stuff with American Apparel blanks. But to me, it's worth it because their tanktops and hoodies are good quality- soft, stretchy, form fitting, and comfortable. So even if I make less profit, it's okay because the females who actually spend their money to buy Cipher Garage gear will like how it feels on them, and they will look damn good in it. So they will buy more, and tell their friends to buy more. Girls are more picky than guys when it comes to clothing, so it all works out.

The Los Angeles skyline towers over some pretty filthy streets. But it's aight, I love LA.


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