Monday, October 23, 2006

We drag race supercharged Scion TCs, Jose breaks a Scion, and I get busted for taking a photo! LOL

Even though we went out late on Thursday night for the Promotion Party in Hollywood, we had to get up mad early to get to the Scion Performance Challenge at Pomona Raceway the next day. It's all good, you only live once.

These are the pics from last Friday, a few days ago. I didn't post right away cause I was busy.

These are my boys from Belle 1 Racing Communications, Fred (left) and Daryl, hard at work. For those who don't know yet, most of the organizations who produce events (like Formula D, NHRA, D1 Grand Prix, Import Showoff, etc) choose Belle 1 to run their race communications. Belle 1 handles the big jumbotrons at the events, the entire sound system and DJ aspect of it, and they also sell and lease the professional radio communications systems that all the racers use.

The funny thing about the brothers from Belle 1, is that they look very very similar. I think I met Fred first because he was DJing a Formula D event, playing all the dope hip hop and 70s soul breaks and beats... but then at the next event, I saw his brother Daryl and started talking to him, but Daryl had this confused look on his face! My bad! I thought they were the same guy!

So at the next event, I saw both of them, and I was like "oh shit! there's two!" and I talked to my boy Arnell, and he said "yeah man some people get confused about that... but Daryl is the one who runs the organization, and Fred is his brother who spins all the hip hop you like."

So okay, I knew at that point that there was Fred and Daryl... but I forgot which one was which. But of course I didn't want THEM to know that, it would look bad!

So I thought I'd be all slick, and I went up to Daryl and was like "hey bro, I don't think you gave me your business card... did you?" (Cause then I would read his name off his card, and I could know which one was which!)

So then he hands me his card, and I thanked him... and I look down at the card, thinking FINALLY I'm gonna know which one is which! But when I look at the card, it says Belle 1 Racing Communications, phone number, and the name on it reads...

Daryl David, Fred David

Son of a... DAMMIT this so called "slick bizcard move" didn't help one bit! LOL

Here's pretty much the same photo, but this time shot with a Canon Digital SLR. The Canon's color saturation is much better than the other (Casio) photo above this one. As you can see above, the photo above is far too blown out in the background, you can't even see it... I even put the Casio camera on the backlight setting.

Maybe these photos are too small to tell, but when I have em big on my computer at home, there's just a huge difference. It just goes to show, you just can't beat a Canon camera. Especially in the hands of someone who knows how to use it.

Here's Jose hard at work, shooting pics of Chris Rado in a bone stock looking Supercharged Scion TC race car. (Or at least pretending to work)

Here's Chris Rado strapping in to one of the supercharged Scion TCs from the Long Beach Toyota Celebrity Race. This guy is crazy. I got some stories.

This is the Supercharged Scion TC I drove at the event. I liked it because it had the Castrol/Toyota Team Europe colors. Cooooool.

Okay here's Jose inside his supercharged Scion TC (rocking a driftwell shirt), just moments before he broke it. What a jackass. LOL

Okay well here we have Craig Taguchi (editor of Drifting Magazine), Justin Kaehler (, and Jacob Leveton ( laughing at Jose in the put area, because he broke his Scion TC.

Jose launched it hard on the track, and by the time he got to the end of the track, his car was a lame duck. It was just sitting there because Jose broke the transmission on the car. Good job man, I'm sure Scion will want you back at the next Scion Performance Challenge next year! LOL

Oh man if only you were there to hear Chris telling this story. He was talking all sorts of smack! He was clowning a particular drag racer... oh man. That was funny as hell. And true.

On setup day, we stopped by the Toyota Motorsports booth, and we saw the Toyota F1 car, driven by Jarno Trulli and Ralf Schumacher. Bad ass! I like the crazy aerodynamics on the car, look at all the wings and scoops, Toyota engineering at it's finest.

After we bounced out from the Scion event, we went to Hollywood to the offices of C16 Magazine. I forgot to take a photo there, cause I was busy looking at the layout of the newest magazine issue, the "Vegas VIP Issue." Man it looks hot.

We decided to get some grub with our boy Ray David, the creative director of C16. Here's Ray paying for his food at Zankou Chicken on Sunset Blvd. Man Zankou is one of my favorite restaurants in the Los Angeles area, but don't go to the one on Sunset. It sucks in comparison to the Pasadena one.

Why? Zankou in Pasadena (Colorado Ave) is way cleaner, more parking, the chicken is crispier, and it tastes better. Plus, they don't act all stingy when you ask for more garlic sauce. Zankou's garlic rotisserie chicken is the best! Definitely my fav!

Jose's all smiling cause I was hyping him up on Zankou, and he was lookin forward to it, haha.

Jose and Ray were just talkin and chillin... and we noticed that the chick behind us was kinda cute.

Well yeah she did look kinda cute, so since I was taking a blog pic of Jose and Ray anyway, I was like "nah dont turn around and stare at her, it's all obvious man. She's gonna think ur jockin." so I said, "I'll just take a picture real quick so you can check her out on the downlow, you guys."

So the girl and her brother took off, so I pulled up the photo on the big screen of my digital camera to show Jose and Ray, but WHAT I DIDN'T KNOW was that they walked outside, to get into that yellow VW Beetle (apparently her car)...

And WHAT I DIDN'T KNOW was the girl's brother was looking RIGHT AT ME when I pulled up the photo of the chick to show them... and he had a look on his face like WTF! Right when they saw that, Ray and Jose busted up and started laughing uncontrollably!

BUSSSTED! Hahahhahaa now that was some funny shit. Straight comedy! Ray and Jose and I were laughing for days. But whatever, it's all good! No shame in our game!

Afterward we rolled out to 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica to check out the Puma store over there, right before we met up with our other friends to go to the Super Street Party...


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