Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Formula D Awards Banquet Afterparty

I was soo exhausted the day after Formula D, I woke up at like 11:45am, and then I had to return a bunch of stuff with Felix, like the truck and tent we borrowed. Then I went back home, and was planning to go to church, but I knocked out and woke up again at 9pm. I was supposed to go to the FD Party, but all my friends were already there! Good thing I got to hitch a ride with Scott and Reiko, they are so cool for letting me roll with them!

Oh yeah, but here's the back of my car, while I was filling up gas at the 76 station. Yeah that's my real license plate, I don't care, look it up if you want. No reason to hide it, I'm proud to Live the 86 Life.

My zenki AE86 has factory paint and body, OEM Toyota Japanese zenki bumpers, lip, sideskirts, grill, Sprinter taillights, etc. It has Kg/mm springs, TRD Japan shocks, Revolver traction brackets and Negative RCAs, a 5Zigen Border III exhaust, and vintage Work Equip 01 one piece wheels. It's hard to find these wheels in this size, it's not like the three piece Work wheels that anyone could just order brand new.

I found the rear wheels rotting away on an AE86 Levin in Ibaragi Japan, at Satoru Works. Satoru san was a D1 driver, with a supercharged 7AG 20v motor. His other car was a 7AG 20 valve with ITBs, that guy is nuts. Unfortunately, he passed away this year due to a heart attack, which makes me not want to sell these wheels. They are (-18 offset) yup negative 18.

I ran into Ben Schwartz (aka Big Smoke), Jerry Tsai, Cindy and her two friends, celebrating the Pacific Rim Drift Team's first First Place podium finish at a Formula D event.

When I met Ben, he was just starting out in the scene, with his white S13 Silvia. He lived in Florida, and drove that thing from Fort Walton all the way to Irwindale, with tools, spare wheels and tires and his luggage in his drift car! Like... he drove that thing on the 10 freeway cross country, then drifted it at Irwindale, and then drove back. Now that is hardcore, so stop complaining that Willow Springs is far from Los Angeles.

I will forever remember Ben as the driver who screwed up THE FIRST COPY of America's First Book of DRIFTING. Because the very first copy of my book, I saved for my little brother David. I took it to a few events, and had all the drivers sign it, that was no easy task. Then when good old Ben signs it, homeboy writes "To Robert" instead of "To David" and then to top it all off, he didn't even fucking sign his name in the book! I was like WHAT?! This happened at Formula D Seattle, and when I noticed it, I was in the hotel room chillin with my boy Arnell. And I was like WTF Ben!!! So I called him out to yell at him while he was having dinner! Bastard!!! hahaha!

Seriously Ben is a real good guy, and a real good friend of mine. He is hellllla cool! But damn fool, you messed up the book, freaking Ben!

As a joke, me and Jerry were talking about making a signature shirt for Ben, saying something like... "Ben Schwartz. Big Smoke. Either way, it's BS." HAHAHA now that would be hot!!! hahahaha sorry Ben! You're my boy! You fucker! LOL

Andy Yen right here was the very first American drifter to have a drifting feature in a Japanese magazine. It was in Drift Tengoku. He is the King of the Hill in Southern Cali, with his AE86 coupe. Andy is the shit in the mountains, for real. But now we all are careful to not promote street drifting, so Andy says KEEP IT ON THE TRACK!

John P the pimp and my boy Jerry. Ever heard of Speedwell Shoes? Ever heard of Pacific Rim Drift Team? Yeah, that's these guys right here.

This is Bill and Jen. For those that don't recognize, Bill is the guy who dresses up in the red Momo racing suit and gets on the microphone at the Cooper Tires trailer at events, and yells stuff to the crowd. When I saw him at the Formula D Awards Banquet, I was tripping cause Bill was still rocking a uniform shirt thing! I guess this guy never stops working. Jen is real sweet. Hmm, I wonder what she'd look like as a brunette...?

Pat from Monstor and his wife. Pat is one super cool guy, he is a genuine good person, and that's a quality you don't find in people much nowadays. Super cool guy. Hit him up if you want him to weld you a rollcage or something.

Casper Canul and Pat are puttin it down for all the latinos who are into drifting. If you've read my book, you would know that Casper's family owns a Mobil gas station in Alhambra CA. In fact, my yellow 1984 AE86 SR5-to-GTS conversion got stolen outside that gas station. =( I miss that car.

Casper told me at the party, that he doesn't think he appeared in my book that much, but I think he did. Maybe he's just disappointed that he didn't get a big picture in the book, but hey, I only had 128 pages to work with and well over 500 photos, so I couldn't please everyone. I had to take care of the companies who have worked with me over the years first. Hope you understand Casper, it's not that I didn't want to run a huge photo of each driver. That would have been ideal.

On a side note, I totally think Casper and Pat should play up the Mexican card, and have their pit crew rock blue plaid flannels and Dickies, and long socks with Nike Cortez shoes, and ride around the pit areas with lowrider bicycles n shit. Instead of umbrella girls, they could have hynas with super dark eye makeup and tattoos n stuff.

Who knows, if they do it right, they could get sponsors like Corona, Tecate, Chipotle, Tapatio, King Taco, Tabasco, Frijoles Antojitos, Alberto's, Tequiza, Del Taco, Taco Bell, Chevy's, El Torito, Spic n Span, Lowrider, Fuego, or something like that. You guys should totally try it.

Alex Pfeiffer and his gf Crystal. She is hella cool, but like I was saying before, see she's pretty short!

Reiko, Thao, and Crystal! They look good together! Reiko and Thao drift also, they have S13s.

I was trying to kiss Samuel Hubinette's Swedish gf Stina, but Samuel came out from nowhere and this was the look on Stina's face! hahaha jk Samuel, don't kick my ass now.

Me and Tree trying to look cool. But we're not.

Henry Chung from Motorsport Dynamics and Kevin Wells from LS Automotive. Henry's shop was one of the first import aftermarket shops that opened up in Northern California, Motorsport Dynamics is from Sacramento. I remember going to my first drag race in Sacramento in 1994, and his shop was already open back then.

Since then he has built Calvin Wan's white FD3S, Hubert Young's blue S14 kouki, Ross Petty's (Ross just drives it, Henry owns the car) gold RB powered S13, and a bunch more bad ass cars.

Kevin from LS Automotive in West Covina built Chris Forsberg's 350Z convertible, and services a bunch of Drift Alliance cars, as well as Hubert Young's Discount Tire Direct S13. Both Henry and Kevin went on tour with us for the past few years, to every drifting event we went to. Check em out in my book.

Oppai deteruyo! Taka looks like he has breasts in this photo. (L-R) Scott, Reiko, Taka, Tiffany, Me, Yoshie, Kate, and Rod chillin out on the patio of V20 in Long Beach.

We were all trippin to see Yoshie in a skirt! Normally she is wearing jeans or a race suit! Taka is always just chillin though.

I was trying to get Taka to put his arm around Yoshie, give her a hug or a kiss or something, but this was the max they would do! Dude they are hella far apart still! It's funny! I wonder what they do on their quality time, they probably go out to touge or rebuild the suspension on their AE86s or something, LOL!!!

I think Taka and Yoshie are sooo cool, they are the epitome of grassroots drifting. Taka is such a skilled driver, I don't think any of the other top drivers in Formula D could handle an underpowered NA AE86 like Taka does, and still be competitive. All the other guys have like 500 and 600+ horsepower cars, and Taka is "big ballin" with a high horsepower full built engine, which is like 200 horsepower or less. It just goes to show, drifting is all about the DRIVER. Taka gets my utmost respect, he is definitely one of my favorite drivers in Formula D.

This is Ross Petty's gf Colleen. Dude she's hot, she is a part time bikini model and just moved here to LA from Okinawa, so she speaks Japanese, but she has a British accent cause she's from England! Fucking hottt!!! She worked as a Falken umbrella girl for a short period of time too. Good job Ross! Well he is a super cool guy, so no wonder Colleen likes him! That's my boy right there, good job dude.

Me and my boys, the Belle 1 crew! These guys run the jumbotron at Formula D, and all the sound/speakers. Basically these cats shape your Formula D experience! Props on a great job all year guys, thank you for helping me promote my book so much, you guys are the best.

Me with Selina and Colleen! I was gonna take more pics with the other friends, but Scott was like "YO man we gotta bounce, lets go!" so I had to stop and go to the car! hahaha all good!


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