Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Happy Birthday, Alex Pfeiffer!

Today I'm stuck in the office, putting a DVD of photos together for one of my big car manufacturer clients. They need it by tomorrow. Hurryup!

Also gotta design and print new business cards for SEMA, and a bunch of Cipher Garage stickers, cause I'm all out. Those stickers go pretty damn fast.

But today is my friend Alex's birthday. So I thought I'd write about him super quick.

For those of you who haven't read about Alex Pfeiffer in my book, (you SHOULD! Hurry up and get it, what's stopping you?), he is the first person I ever met who could drift for real. Not the short little 2nd gear upshift initiations me and my friends were doing back in the days... Alex was the first guy we ever met who could connect turns while drifting the mountain roads in his AE86. We used to meet up with him on a Bay Area backroad we nicknamed "Blair Witch" cause it was so dark (no lights at all) and there were tons of twisty roads with tons of trees around.

Since then, he developed his driving to the point where he drove his AE86 in D1 Grand Prix USA, Formula Drift, won 1st Place and $10K at the Need For Speed Underground Release Party Drift Contest, and now, he's a judge for Formula D.

We all used to hang out back in the days, with the common interest being we loved to drive our AE86s. Hard to believe that drifting has taken all of us this far.

This is Alex's old car, a red 1985 GT-S coupe. This is an actual photo from one of my huge photo albums. If you were around back in the day, I used to bring my photo albums to events so peeps could look at all my photos of the AE86s and TE27s and KP61s I found all over the place. Haha that was kind of before websites got popular I guess. I spent a ton of money on those albums, I was shooting FILM! Screw that.
I also made a thread about his bday on Club4AG.

Anyway, Happy Birthday Alex.

By the way, right now I'm listening to this song named "The Only Way" by a group called Johnson & Jonson, from this dope new underground hip hop record label called Clockwork.

This song is so dope. It has so much soul in it- not only from the soulful J-Dilla hook, but from the heartful lyrics that Blu (the emcee) is spitting out. This song exactly describes how I'm feeling right now. And last week. And last month.

LISTEN TO THIS SONG by clicking on my personal Myspace Page. I just made it my profile song right now. LISTEN TO THIS SONG! This shit has heart.


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