Monday, October 16, 2006

Formula D Finale photos, through the eyes of Antonio Sureshot and his Canon SLR.

Right now I can't publish all my action shots on here, because the different media outlets I work with need those top secret before they go to print. But here's some teasers of the lifestyle stuff I shot during my super hectic day at Formula D.

Thai Marie Cali and Ashley Sarto looking hot as hell, as the Official Cipher Garage x Pacific Rim umbrella girls. Thai was recently featured in Euro Tuner, and Ash was recently featured in Import Tuner.

But what's even more important than that, is both of these lovely ladies have featured spots inside my new book, DRIFTING... America's First Book on Drifting. Buy a copy on

Deejay A1 here is the head DJ of the Falken Sound crew. He revolutionized the drifting scene by injecting real hip hop into the mix. Because of Arnell (A1, in the middle) you now see bboy battles and real DJs spinning hip hop, breaks, funk, and soul at events. These guys provide a dope atmosphere, which is such a huge change from the radio bullshit that all the other DJs play at stuff like HIN and all that. Fuck that noise, it's all about the music coming from A1's speakers.

In the background, DJ Concise and DJ Analog from the Beathackerz Collective stare into each other's eyes... this is a close crew yall!

This is fly Heidi, this girl got some style no doubt. Her outfits are impeccably fresh, she's probably even all geared up when she goes to sleep. Dark gray, light gray, red, and gold. Very fresh. Too bad you can't see the dope red leather boots in this photo.

She has a stock Camry and a fixed up Civic right now, but she is searching for an AE86 to fix up for street. She's gonna be rollin out to 86 meets and track events with us in no time flat!

Charlene is always killin it with the flav outfits as well. (That green kangol and vest are dope!) As she should, she is an alumni from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles CA. And since fashion is always paramount to this girl, she always rocks Cipher Garage.

This is Jessica, she is from Dirty Jersey, the Garden State. I met her at Formula D Round 6 this year at Wall Speedway, she was there with her bf Damien. Those two are awesome, they're always supporting the cause! They bought a book from me at Wall, and at Irwindale Jessica was the first to buy the new 86LIFE hoodie, which is army green, with the 86LIFE screened across the chest with BLEACH. This makes it breathable, comfy and stretchy, which is how ladies like their clothing.

Oh yeah and on the back of the hoodie is the Cipher Garage VIP Crest. That shit looks hot! All the stylish people at events rock Cipher Garage, no doubt.

This is my boy Lou, he is gettin down on the linoleum provided by the leader of the Falken Sound System, Arnell aka DJ A1.

Here's my girl Verena with her Nissan sponsored Z33 350Z. Verena definitely attracts attention because of her looks as a model, but her main focus is really DRIFTING. Alot of negative people say things like "Oh jeez, an import model getting into drifting..." and they try to put down her driving because they are jealous of all the corporate support she's been receiving. Let me speak on that for a minute.

Verena is down with drifting. She is not a gimmick, like how alot of others view female drifters. She really is down, she is hooked on drifting. She did get into the Formula D Series at an early level, but now she has scaled back to the Just Drift Series, which also has a very high population of high level drifters. ( ) She is doing very well in the Just Drift Series, you guys should see her rocking the bank with her Z. She is doing it. And doing it well. Forget about her looking cute, she gets the sponsors because she is professional in her appearance and her actions. This is not my opinion, this is a fact.

For all those who would disagree or think otherwise, you can drop me an email directly and I'll school you on what's up.

This is my boy Topics with his girlfriend and one of the DA girls. Topics is Chris Forsberg's older brother, and he got the name Topics cause he totally sucks at math. He had to take a class for the mathematically challenged, which was called Math Topics or some dumb shit like that. His friends made fun of him, and that's how he got the name.

His brother Chris Forsberg, driver of the Falken/Sears 350Z is no math genius either, but he somehow made it to the cover of America's first book on Drifting. Now Chris has his spot in the Library Of Congress in Washington DC, how do you like that. Topics is one of the guys from the DA camp which I definitely am glad I met. You get to meet alot of cool people when you travel because of drifting. Topics is one cool mofo, one of my favorite people from the DA crew for sure.

Crystal is short as hell. She is also Alex Pfeiffer's girlfriend, but she gets mad when you introduce her as that all the time... so now I'm gonna introduce her as Crystal, who is short as hell. =) She always looks dope rocking Cipher Garage also, especially with those fresh sunglasses and her bag from Tokidoki Japan! Everyone rocks the Drifting Changed My Life shirts... because it did change our lives, and it's here to stay.

Oh yeah, stop smoking Crystal.

Aww snap! This is the G4 Television Crew in front of the Irwindale grandstands, right before the Top 8 competition was about to start. On the left, we have "Chocolate Boy Wonder" Adam Matthews, who is the most knowledgeable drifting host on the Formula D TV show (because he is an awesome drifter himself, with his gray kouki S14), and the head producer T (is that how you spell it? someone school me I don't know), and we have male model turned host, Brandon Johnson. Brandon is cool as hell man, he is hella down to rock Cipher Garage gear all the time. Actually Adam and T rock it too! You can always find Adam dressed to kill, and gettin down at all the industry parties we roll to, homeboy definitely knows wussup. You can always find T on the track, running the Formula D TV show... and gettin down to the sounds of quality hip hop music from DJ A1 (Falken Sound) and Fred David (Clockwork/Belle-1 Communications)!

These guys did a quick interview segment on me and my new book on Drifting! Watch it on Formula D TV! Thank you sooooo much guys! It really means alot to me. Thank you for all your support, really.

This is Kaylah, she's cute isn't she? When I met her, we were at Formula D Seattle, and she wasn't modeling at all, she was chasing cones down in the middle of the track! (Good job on making the ladies work! LOL That's the handiwork of my man Andy Luk from Formula D!) But I think Kaylah looks alot better off the track in a skirt, than chasing cones down! Especially when I take the photo! Don't you think, Kaylah??? Look for more of her in the near future.

More pics coming soon, but right now I need to go to Pacific Rim.


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