Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Driving an AE86 in Old Town Pasadena is pretty cool. At night with your sunroof open.

Today I had to do some errands, ship out some drifting shirts, and email/FTP some pics from Formula D to magazines and other clients.

Iiiii ne! I parked my car on the street, which I don't like to do. But I guess Old Town Pas is pretty safe. I just felt like taking a pic of my wheels again. I like wheels.

Tonight I had dinner with Jerry and RJ and Dai, at Kabuki in Old Town Pasadena. We ate dinner outside, on the patio dining area next to the sidewalk, since it was a really nice night outside. Very nice weather, and cool atmosphere in Pasadena. Good thing we were in a group of 4 guys so we could enjoy it together, haha.

This pic is of Jerry and RJ, because Dai was sitting next to me.

Here's me and Dai acting gay. We all went out for Japanese food, which is weird cause Dai is going back to Japan tomorrow at noon. You would think he would want American food or something, but no, Dai is hardcore jap, and he wanted Japanese food I guess?

It was cool to chill with him on his last night here, I don't chill with Dai in LA that often, unless we're chillin at the shop, or we're at some event in another state, or in Japan or something. Congrats again Dai for your big win at Formula D! Dope!

Oh snap! We were at Starbucks inside Barnes and Noble in Pasadena, and guess what we found!!!

Well no kidding you recommend this book! It inspires people to love drifting!

Wow, that sucks, the original CBGB punk rock bar in New York City closed down last night. Sucks also that I've never been there, but I did make a fake CBGB shirt, that says CG86 instead. Hmm, I like CG86 better than CBGB. Sucks for peeps that like punk rock though. I listen to hip hop, so it didn't affect my life at all. Oh well, sorry you guys.

Okay that's enough. Peace out!


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