Thursday, October 26, 2006

Chipotle, Korean Gangsters, Mexican Ninjas, Banana Bay, it's all good stuff.

Wow I'm finally catching up to this blog thing! A few days ago I met up with Felix and he brought over all the excess inventory and supplies from the NHRA event. We went to Chipotle to get some grub. Okay, so I'm not the hugest fan of chain restaurants, I prefer local food establishments.

Chipotle started I think in Colorado, and it's now owned by McDonald's, so it's spreading nationwide now... I've seen it in Colorado, Washington DC, LA, and a bunch of other places... but man! For a chain restaurant, I think Chipotle is pretty damn good! I'm not a super huge fan of mexican restaurants, but man, their food is pretty fresh, and they give good portions, and it tastes good. And I guess it's relatively healthy too. Big ups Chipotle.

I have a bunch of biz cards, so I always throw my card in their little jar saying "Enter your Business Card for a free lunch" but I never win a damn thing. They are probably selling our biz cards to telemarketers. Dammit.

Later that night I rolled out to Radio Shack to return the big bullhorn my uncle bought for me, to rock at Formula D Finals... haha I don't need it anymore! Until the next event, LOL. Right now I got money tied up in clothing, books, and all sorts of other merchandise, so I gotta watch the budget, so that's how we roll.

Ok so the next day (day before yesterday) I was just working, had a bunch of deadlines to knock out before SEMA... and then my friend Dan called me up and asked if I wanted to go grub. He just got a new G35, so I wanted to check it out too.

So we went over to BCD Tofu House over on Fullerton and Colima in Rowland Heights. It was the first time I've ever been there, but I just wanted to try something new. Man that place is hella good! It's called Tofu House, but they server Korean food, it's not just tofu!

I'm gonna bring Kumakubo and Tanaka here next time they're in LA, they love Korean food! Usually we go to the Korean spot, Yei San Jib, which is on Fullerton/Colima in the same plaza as HK Market, across the street from Tommy's. I love that place cause they server good food and it's 24 hours, but I think BCD Tofu House tastes better.

Dude when we were eating at BCD Tofu House, there were some Hankook gangster lookin kids chillin there, they must have been like 19 years old, one of the Korean kids was talking all hardcore and shit, cause he was mad at the other Korean... he was saying shit like "you stabbed me in the back" and the other Korean guys were saying like "yeah dog you shoulda known better" and the other dude was trying to squash it and be apologetic, but not lose face cause his girlfriend was right there, and he didn't wanna look like a chump. Oh BTW his gf was pretty cute, but I didn't wanna sneak a pic again and "pull a zankou" cause you never know, these Hankooks just might be strapped. They probably were.

Man what's up with all the Asian kids having guns nowadays!? What the fuck! What ever happened to "numchuks" and shit!? What the hell you need a gun for?

Man when I was a kid all we had were "numchuks." Hahaha "nunchakus" is how you spell it but the white kids in my neighborhood all called em "numchuks." Dude I was kinda G for a little kid too, I had a collection of knives too, I had some really nice old Filipino knives and swords, and I remember I wanted a katana and ninja stars and shit.

Damn, I just realized I liked JDM shit even before I got into cars. Japanese knives, robots, etc. Imagine if kids walked around at school saying "daaamn son did you see the sick new JDM ninja stars I got?! It's hella rare!"

Or maybe it would be pointless to call it a JDM NINJA STAR, cause DUH when's the last time you saw a MEXICAN NINJA!? EXACTLY! The shit doesn't exist! If there WERE Mexican ninjas, they would be better off, cause then they could cross the border all silently and stealthily, and they wouldn't get shot at by the border patrols! No shit! Mexicans should learn the ancient art of being ninjas. That would be bad ass.

Dude if the illegal mexican immigrants knew how to walk silently and stealthily like ninjas, then they could safely cross the border with their families, and they wouldn't need those ridiculous "border crossing signs" near San Diego! I mean, WTF is that?!

We normally see stuff like "deer crossing" and stuff like that, but near San Diego on the 5 freeway, they have "mexican crossing" signs with a picture of a Mexican family running across the freeway! That shit is crazy!

Maybe someone could invent something you could attach to your car, sort of like those "Deer Horns" that you attach to your front bumper, which emit a sound that only deer can hear, so they get the F out of your way when you're driving through the mountains...

But instead of "Deer Horns" they would be like "Border Crosser Horns" and they could emit sounds like that one song "Tequila" or "La Cucaracha" or "Lowrider" or some shit. Man I think that would be fucking hot.

Whoever invents these would probably get some sort of SEMA "Best New Product" Award or something. Serious.

Oh shit, I kinda went off topic there. Anyways, this is the food at BCD Tofu House. It is pretty damn good if I do say so myself. It was only like $13.99 I think, and you get all this crap. Damn, that was some good food man. Just be careful that you don't get shot by the Korean gangsters chillin there.

Next thing, we walked across the parking lot to Banana Bay to get a drink. Banana Bay is a pretty dope restaurant, they serve thai food, but the best thing is they have a really nice ambiance. On Friday nights, they have a pretty dope band that plays, and there's a chick singing songs from like Sade, Stevie Wonder, and stuff like that. I dig it.

Dan's friend works over there, so we we got some Thai iced coffee. Dope!

When we went in to Banana Bay, we saw some of our friends, the TAB usuals... chillin outside. Geoff, Brent, Scott, and the rest of the crew... and these cats were still outside when we left. Loiterers! Haha it's all good, I like those peeps.

Aight then. I hope my comments above didn't offend anybody. But if they did, then that's too bad. You should start your own blog then. Sucka!


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