Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Random rambling with no point whatsoever. Just a Saturday.

This Saturday while the rest of our boys were busy setting up for NHRA Finals at Pomona, me and Jose decided to show some support to our friend Thuy at Livesockets, and head down to his open house in Downey.

We ran into my old friend Rodney Wills, from TMR M'zine fame, who now is in charge of marketing for HPI Racing! Rodney was here showing us this dope new Camaro (I'm not sure if it's a 67 or 69, but it looks to be a 67), which has all the cool details, like the taped up headlights, front chin spoiler, rear vertical spoiler, and race paint typical of the late 60s/early 70s SCCA Trans Am Challenge cars. This was one of the coolest periods of SCCA road racing history, the Pony Car Wars.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, again I gotta say... get yourself some culture.

Google this: SCCA Trans Am and SCCA 2.5 Challenge

Members of the Touge Knights RC Drift crew were having some fun with their HPI RC drift cars, and they even made an RC version of Robbie Nishida's green Silvia! Also an almost perfect replica of Ken Gushi's Mustang, which I shot for the cover of C16 Magazine! Good work guys!

Next we rolled over to RRR to drop off some of my DRIFTING books. Nice to see AE86s always around. Mas from RRR has 10 copies of the book behind the counters, in case anyone wants to stop in and pick it up.

Uhmmm even though me and Jose both have red AE86 hatchbacks, we rolled up to RRR in this brand new Scion TC. This was a brand new press car, I think it had something like 1500 miles on it, or less. Nice stereo system in these cars, I like it.

Damn I was tellin Jose to buy this "Death Pod" under-diff catback exhaust by Auto Area Fuji but he didn't buy anything. Why the F not!!!

There was a 350Z outside with the new time attack edition TE37s, and they looked pretty good! I think they would look dope on a black car! Anyway I just took a pic of these wheels, not the whole car. Get a set of these wheels from Mackin Industries today!

Next stop was Autobacs in Stanton, and I went upstairs to peep out the automotive books. I saw this one book named "MILLEN." How bad ass is that? That's ridiculous! Tight! If that was your last name, and the title of the book was just your last name?! Man that's dope. It's like having a book called "Alvendia" or "Yoshida" or "Tang" or "Ogawara" or something. So dope.

Anyways the book was about Steve Millen, and it had this super dope photo of Steve Millen running a ST162 1986 Celica GT-S at the Daytona 24-hour Race in 1987. I don't have much information on this car, or know where it is. It looks like the same type of chassis work that the TRD/Don Preston GT3 race cars have. I'll have to call up my boy Rhys and see if he can pull up any info on this car for me, and if that doesn't work I'll call some of my friends at TRD.

Then we rolled to The Loft in Cerritos for dinner. Me and Jose met up with our boy Arnell. We were greeted by this filipina girl named Jasmine, she was real sweet, and she was like... "uhmm... are you Antonio?" Jose was like WTF!!! I was just laughing, what a trip? Anyways apparently Jasmine is the girlfriend of my friend Adam Feliciano, who is an 86er who sold out and bought an S13. Haha no seriously he did. HAHAHAHA no seriously, Adam is a great driver, homeboy was known for drifting in his pegleg open diff. Not that it's a great idea, but Adam is on a budget but he still loves driving. He is one of the better street drifters around. Check him out on the upcoming video (next year) called Slide America, by my boys Joey Redmond, Andy Sapp, and Jason __________. Yeah.

Before we left, Adam showed up, driving his gf's Scion TC. He was gonna pick her up from work. Yes I realize the guy looks like he's 10 years old in this photo, but he really does have a driver's license and he is pretty good!

But what was REALLY GOOD is the Hawaiian Iced Tea they have at The Loft! It is the BOMBBBBBBBB! I used to hit up the Loft all the time with my ex gf cause we were addicted to their iced tea! But I was talking to one of the waiters, and he told me it's just a MIX and you can buy it at Marukai! So I gave him my camera and told him to go in the back and take a pic of the packaging!

DOPE! Thanks alot homie, now I'm gonna have to search for this at Marukai! You should too!


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