Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Getting ready for Formula D Finale this weekend

Today I had to work on getting my shirt designs prepared for screenprinting. I went to my printer Julian, and asked him to help me do this rush order, in order to make sure my stuff would be done before Formula D Irwindale, which is only days away. In the foreground, you can see part of the new shirt design I'll be debuting at Irwindale.

We will have army green lightweight hoodies for women (these are gonna look HOT!!!) and tshirts for the guys... hopefully my order of mens hoodies gets here in time too, so we can rock those as well.

This is my friend Cindy, getting ready to box up some orders of shirts and tanktops for customer orders. What you see in the background is part of the current inventory of Cipher Garage clothing, this is the women's side.

I went to my friend Jerry's shop, Pacific Rim, to discuss some plans we had for the Irwindale event. I ran into our good friend, Daijiro Yoshihara. He is one of the top drivers in the Formula D series. Check out his fan site at . Yes I know it's a slightly odd sounding web address, but really it's not a boy on boy site or anything. Oh well, I didn't pick the URL.

Dai is a good friend, and I've known him since he was a crazy fob, and he couldn't even speak English! This guy just bowed and smiled all the time! haha! But Dai speaks good English now, it's impressive how fast he learned. Speaking of fast, Dai is also known for having some of the fastest entry speeds at Formula D events. Go go Daijiro! You pimp.

Dai just arrived from Japan today, and Jerry was supposed to pick him up from LAX, but he was tied up at the shop working on some details for Formula D finals, so he forgot to pick him up. "Oh shit! You're at the airport? My bad!" but Jerry is a real chill, easy going guy... we wasn't trippin at all. He never trips. Jerry is hella cool.

There's a real big wall section at Pacific Rim, with blown up images of our friend Ashley Sarto's tits. haha! No it's really supposed to showcase some of the Pacific Rim clothing designs, but I just thought I'd grab Ashley's tits anyway, even if they were flat in this photo (I'm not dissing her, I'm saying it's a wall). Anyway, we're gonna have Ash model for us this weekend, along with one of our favorite girls of all time, Thai Marie Cali. I love Thai!!! Not like "I'm in love with her," but more of "I love that girl's personality." She's the best. And she's hot.

This is my boy Jerry, he is the owner of Pacific Rim. He founded the company 10 whole freakin years ago! Now it is the biggest brand of motorsports apparel. You can't fade Pac Rim. You wish you were here to hear him tell this story- it was a good one! Lots of cheesmis! (Ask a Filipino if you don't know!)

This is the inside of Cindy's Element. She's a good friend of mine, so I've ridden in her car a few times before, but today was the first time I sat in the back! Man! There's so much room back there!

Me and Cindy began talking about how there's so much room back there, it would be so easy for people to do it in the back of an Element... but she "claims" she's never done it back there! Yea right! That's crazy! I told Cindy if she was my gf, I'd be hitting that shit like every hour on the hour in the back of her Element! She was hella laughing! (but you know it got her thinking! haha jk Cindy) Even the floor is plastic so it's easy to clean! Come on! Now that's convenient. Good lookin out Honda! Those Bangbus guys need to get an Element. For real.

DISCLAIMER: This section was just for laughs. Cindy is just a friend for real, and I have no intention of hittin it with her inside the Element today because she's seeing someone right now. See Cindy, I know how to treat a lady with r e s p e c t! LOL

After I got home from doing all the clothing stuff, I got a call from my boy Calvin Wan. He is also a stunt driver (Fast & Furious 3 Tokyo Drift, Toyota commercials) and top Formula D driver, he is known for driving the Falken G35. Apparently he was in LA cause Team Falken had a private test day at Irwindale today. They had just finished eating dinner at Outback Steakhouse, so he came over to my pad to chill.

We decided to meet up with some friends at a local spot. Bunch of Corollas showed up, and Adam Feliciano showed up driving his mom's Toyota minivan. He sure looked cool in that thing. That's my boy Felix's black AE86 in the foreground. He sold his clean S13 Silvia to get this AE86, so now he's back in the club! It's ok, 86>13 anyway Felix.

That's Calvin (rockin Sparco) talking to Felix, the AE86 owner. The other guys in the pic are Karlo (up and coming photographer, who just got back from being a baller in the Philippines with only $300) and Adam (crazy canyon drifter, even without an LSD).

This is one of my Miata friends, Andrew, attempting to see if his Miata can really fit under an 18 wheeler. You've been watching too much Fast n Furious Andrew. Haha! Well at least you have SSR Mk-IIR wheels. Cool!

Me, Calvin, and Dave inside Eye Scream. I think that's how you spell it? It's an ice cream shop on Nogales and Amar in West Covina.


Anonymous Andrew B. said...

I feel honored to be graced on CG's blogspot.


i'll be back with 14''s.

1:37 AM  
Anonymous JoeTokyo said...

That's me homie, in teh blue and white bmw jacket. It was cool seein you again, its always cool seein you at TABs. Thanks for the shouts


2:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awe yes, must be TAB Tuesday. I know the spot.

2:48 PM  

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