Thursday, October 12, 2006

Hollywood Swingin! DRIFTING "Book Release Party" in Hollywood TONIGHT!

If you haven't yet heard, you must be pretty disconnected from the scene, because everyone has been talking about my new book, DRIFTING. This book features my photography, and my journey over the past 3 years, documenting the emerging drifting scene in the United States, from its inception as an underground movement, to it's acceptance as America's hottest new action sport.

For more info, or to get a copy for yourself, go to my website:

But so anyways, today was the official "DRIFTING Book Release Party" in Hollywood. It was at a pretty dope venue called Nacional, which is right on the corner of Hollywood Blvd and Wilcox.

I just got home, my boy Calvin was nice enough to pick me up earlier this evening, and then drop me off with his Dodge Magnum rentacar. It's stupid early in the morning and the sun is bout to come out. I'm tired as hell, I'mma go to sleep. I'll post pics tomorrow cause I have so many. Thank you to the fam at C16 and to all my friends who came out to celebrate with me. To those who didn't come out, you suck.

But for now, here's the flyer, designed by C16's design guru Ray David.


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