Friday, October 27, 2006

Drunk on a weeknight: S13 Stan Tran The Man's Birthday.

Okay well October 25th was our boy Stan's bday, so we all went out to celebrate. We were all slammed with work, due to hectic SEMA preparations, designing new business cards, getting flyers and lanyards and everything else printed up...

But Stan Tran The Man is our boy, so we put all the bizzyness aside and met up to celebrate his birthday. This is (L-R) Tobin, Stan, me, and Scott. I gave my camera to a drunk chick and asked her to take a picture. Crazy, this must have been what she was seeing in real life. haha (but the effect is caused by a quick pop of the flash, and a slow shutter speed.)

We were at some "tavern" called Red Lion in the Silverlake area of LA. And a tavern it was. Everyone in there looked weird as hell. I felt like I was in that one scene on Lord of The Rings where Frodo and the other gay hobbit were meeting up with Strider, or Aragorn. Oh man, I sound like a nerd now. LOL

But seriously, the people in the bar looked pretty weird to me. The way they were dressed, it really looked like some old 1970s or 80s English medieval-themed pub or something, it's like you couldn't tell we were in LA. Those peeps looked weird. From the clothes to their hairstyles and stuff... I seriously thought they all looked like they could be hobbits or something weird.

Scott and Reiko here are newlyweds! They are an awesome couple! I figured since they just got married, they must be doing it like rabbits, so I thought I should get in between to break up "the festivities" for just a little bit. But ya know what, they ended up leaving early because Scott said "Reiko has to work." Yeah right, you just wanna do it, you perv. It's all good, Reiko's cute, so you better do it as much as you can Scott! haha

Here's Reiko and her friend Peggy, who I met at Scott and Reiko's wedding! In case you guys didn't know, Reiko can drift and she has an S13, and she can drive better than most guys can. She is cool as hell cause she felt so bad that her new husband had an FF car, so she wasn't havin it... and she bought him an S13 as a gift. In Stockton or Modesto or some far place in Cali that nobody visits.

See?! What did I tell you! Scott gave Reiko "the look," and immediately Reiko faked a yawn, and then said her goodbyes to Bev and Char. See Scott smiling in the background? He's like "yo I'mma handle it in just a few!"

Here's Charlene Ann and Beverly Jane. But we call em Char and Bev cause their names are too damn long. They're both hella sweet though,

Rob and Tobs are chillin in a booth, and Rob is telling Tobs a joke, but it's one of those "I guess you had to be there" jokes, cause Tobs doesn't look like he's feelin it. Tob's nice though, so he did a courtesy smile.

Here's our crew. We kick it all the time. But Bev doesn't come out and kick it with us enough, cause she's at home waiting for Karl to call from Japan. They call back and forth using Vonage to save money. Man Vonage is the shit.

Stan had a shitload of drinks, and he picked up Char's sidekick and started texting all her female friends... see him smiling right there? Right now he's AIMing... "Deee Jaaayyyyy... I lovvvvveee youuuuuu..."

The guys decided the only way to make Stan stop drunk texting people is by getting him another drink, so Shannon bought another round. Here's Stan, Shannon, Tob, and Jay going "Kampaiiiiiiiiiii!!!"

Look at this guy! So money and he doesn't even know it! He's getting kisses on the side, and he's like "leave me alone woman, I'm drinking." Tobin you are so money and you don't even know it. Wordup! I'm gonna jack you for that dope ass HI hat one of these days.

Talkin bizzness. You'll see, just wait til December peeps! Oh and by the way, Jay is rocking Tokyo Drive, and so was I that night. Representing for our drunk Japanese friend Kenta, who is intoxicated and starting fights halfway across the world.

Bout to bounce out, Shannon took a pic of me and Bev! Happy Birthday Stan!

Too bad you threw up at Jay's house. hahahaha


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