Sunday, October 29, 2006

Formula D Pro Am pics

This event (last Saturday, exactly one week ago) was super busy. I had to do last minute SEMA preparations, so my boy Felix helped a ton and ran the booth while I picked up business cards and stuff.


Here's Justin Pawlak and his girl (I think her name was Sandra), watch out for him, he is sick. He has a super sick green FC3S TurboII with perfect offset white TE37 wheels. And he can drive an FC better than you can. He is sick, watch out for him the future. He can drive his ass off.

This is Al and her bf David Padron. You pronounce it "Duh-Veeed." He has an AE86 hatchback and he is gettin pretty damn good at drifting. Al is a photographer, she shoots grassroots drifting ALOT. She is building up her rep as a photographer, and is coming up! So shoots at almost all the grassroots drifting events right now, so she definitely gets my respect for that!

Here's the DriftLive crew packed in the back of Daveed's AE86. I didn't know AE86s could be 5 seaters, but they proved me wrong!

Dan Pena (he says pronounce it Peenya, as in pina colada) has a CHP themed drift mustang. The back of his Mustang hit the wall at Irwindale but Dan's still smiling. He is one hell of a driver, Calvin Wan keeps saying that. Dan beat Calvin's time at an autocross when he was driving Calvin's own FD3S, and Calvin will never forget that, he was so pissed. So they went road racing, and Calvin beat Dan in Dan's own Volkswagen. Now Calvin feels better. haha

Taka Aono was at the event with his Cressida wagon, he has perfect fitment RS Watanabe wheels on the car, and even more in the trunk! Yesss! Even though the Formula D Pro-AM/Kumho Street Warriorz event was sponsored by Kumho, Taka represented Falken with big stickers on his car, and he even put a Falken sticker on his shirt.

This zenki AE86 hatchback belongs to my friend Roy Vizcarra from Sacramento CA. He was originally from the Bay Area, and worked at Auto Plus in South San Francisco. Roy was one of the OG AE86ers I met when I was first getting into AE86s. His hood is white cause it's a real TRD fiberglass hood, not a cheap carbon fiber knockoff piece of junk.

Here's Roy again! He is a super nice guy! Aside from racing his AE86, he is also a competitive shooter, this guy can take you out if he has a gun in his hand. So don't mess with his car! Lucky for you, he is super nice and isn't the type to put a cap in your ass. But he could definitely do it if he wanted to.

Oh but I think it's pretty funny... because of his glasses, don't you think Roy kinda looks like the filipino version of the Unabomber? Dude if you had him in a hoodie, with those glasses on, he looks pretty close! LOL sorry Roy!

Look at the scoreboard for qualifying points! Top Qualifier was "Mr John" from Speed Machine in San Diego, 2nd was Lance Feliciano, and 3rd was Patrick Mordaunt. Awesome to have three AE86ers in the top 3! Even though Lance is driving an S14 right now, I still consider him an 86er because he started out in an AE86, and still has the 86 in his heart. Good shit.

Another thing, look at Verena Mei's score! #4 qualifier!!! Awesome! She is seriously kicking ass! Verena is definitely a driver you better keep your eyes on! She has passion and determination! And her skills are definitely improving quickly.

My boy Jerry from Pacific Rim rolled through in his super pimp old school Ford station wagon. I'm not sure if it's a Fairlane or a Falcon, but I love it!

Pimp Jer rockin the bench seat, so his chicks have more room to lay down on his lap.

Even though Mr John beat him in qualifying, Lance Feliciano took top honors at the event in overall points, and in final competition! Here he is posing for photos onstage after they announced him the WINNER!

The guys up there are from Kumho, they just presented him with a new set of tires, and a big ass speaker box (I think it was from Cerwin Vega) and I laughed cause when Lance was up there, he said "THANKSS! But what am I gonna do with this?" Haha yeah your competition car doesnt need those big ass speakers man. Put it in your mom's SUV.

Justin and some of the other homies sprayed Lance with drinks when he wasn't expecting it! haha!

Here's Lance and his mom celebrating his victory! Sure is nice when your mom supports your involvement in drifting. It isn't like that for most people.

This AE86 looked dope!!! I heard it is owned by a pro drag racer. It looks dope with the wheel fitment and stance! I think they are RS Watanabe 15x8J wheels but I don't think they're Type Rs. Maybe RSW F8F?

After the event, me, Felix, Mr John, Martin, and Pat Mordaunt rolled over to Krua Thai in West Covina. My friend Dan hooked up some goooood thai food, thanks Dan! See us blocking all the parking spots with John's AE86? Hell yeah.

Work Equip 01 3 piece, 15x9J -25 offset.

The "touge slicer." Cause there are silhouettes of razorblades on the valve cover.

Silvertop 20v with ITBS. Lovely. And an ARC radiator for a Honda Civic.


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