Sunday, October 29, 2006

Friday before SEMA is so hectic. But we're still goin out.

Dude we have been working sooo damn hard all week to get everything ready for SEMA, it's nuts. I don't even want to talk about it right now. Peep out these pics instead.

Before I went to meet up with the crew, Kevin from came over to pick up some boxes of my DRIFTING books from me. He will be selling them on his new website,

Me and Kevin went to grab a quick bite to eat at Chipotle, before we both went back to work again.

I was supposed to go to my friend Sharon's place cause she was having a party in Lakewood for her bday, and I was looking forward to going! Sharon is a good friend of mine, and she's hot too. And she has hot friends.

But the thing is, she told me that her party is a costume party, and we had to dress up... but me and my crew were all busy preparing for SEMA, we didn't have time to buy or make a costume. Man we had soooo many other things to do. Sorry I didn't make it Sharon. =(

I finished up with all my work much later in the evening, like 11:30pm. I decided to go out real quick so I met up with my usual crew and we went out to Hollywood, as usual. Love that place. This night, we went to Garden of Eden.

Here's the crew (L-R) Herbrock One, Kip from Green Bottle Hawaii, Tob Roc, Jay One, Antonio Sureshot, and Ganja Todd.

Here's Jay and Matt at the bar. Matt designs the promotional print media and movie posters for big Hollywood movie releases.

This is Amy on the left, she is from Hawaii. I just met her like 30 minutes before we got to the party. She told me she is building her modeling portfolio. Can't wait to see it! And you guys all know Char already, because we hang out like almost every single day! Damn, me and my friends see each other alot.

Damn that's OG. OG as in Ojiiiiiiiiichan. (Old man in Japanese) Ojiichan Jay is my boy! He's at the bar paying for drinks. I don't normally talk candle light photos of my boys. Haha ok you caught me. lol... JUST KIDDING.

Ganja Todd and Stan from Drift Over Grip. These guys seem to always look like this when they hang out together. Hmm...

Here's Kip and Amy at the outside patio of the venue, they're both from Hawaii. I LOVE Hawaii! Oh but Kip owns a video production company called Green Bottle Productions. I have one of their DVDs, it has a blue AE86 in it! Cool!

Wonder why his company is called Green Bottle Productions? Take a look at what's in his hand.

My boys right here are trying to look all hard and stuff in this photo, but I just think it's funny because Stan and Herb are ALWAYS over at Jay's house. I mean ALWAYS. Call Jay at any time whatsoever, and ask him what he's doing. He will always say "I'm just chillin at the pad with Stan and Herb." I wonder if these guys leave toothbrushes at Jay's place now! HAHA

Oh by the way, this party we attended was a costume party. But my boys and I don't roll like that. We're a bunch of grown ass men, we're not trying to wear costumes to the clubs!

But we ran into my friends Tweezy and Carla again. Carla is dressed up like a boxer. She even got the boxing gloves, so I know you wanna hit that!

Here's Jerry and Jay. Planning some big things for December mannnnn...


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