Sunday, October 29, 2006

Limited Edition for SEMA: DRIFTING Changed My Life / Support DRIFTING Lanyards

Okay can I get a show of hands?


For everyone coming to the country's largest show for automotive aftermarket, SEMA... I just wanted to let you know that I will be releasing a SUPER LIMITED RUN of "DRIFTING Changed My Life | Support Drifting!" Lanyards.

These limited edition "DRIFTING Changed My Life | Support Drifting!" lanyards will be available AT THE SEMA SHOW ONLY.

For SEMA ONLY, I will be letting people TRADE UP to these hot new "DRIFTING Changed My Life | Support Drifting!" lanyards for FREE.

Simple. Just come up to ME directly, and ask. Or if you spot someone wearing the lanyard, ask them where they got theirs, we will have quite a few of my friends giving out lanyards at SEMA.

We will TRADE you a dope new "DRIFTING Changed My Life | Support Drifting!" lanyard for whatever free giveaway lanyard you are wearing.

But there's one condition:
You gotta proudly rock your new "DRIFTING Changed My Life | Support Drifting!" ALL WEEK at the SEMA SHOW.

Rock it everywhere.
At the show, at the buffet, at the casino, at the afterparties, at the strip club. Just rock it. SHOW YOUR SUPPORT OF DRIFTING!

I know drifting changed MY life...
Did it change yours too? If so, then show your support of DRIFTING and encourage other people and other car, tire, and parts manufacturers from SEMA to show more support of DRIFTING too!

Get a lanyard people. It will be the hottest thing at SEMA this year.

Formula D Pro Am pics

This event (last Saturday, exactly one week ago) was super busy. I had to do last minute SEMA preparations, so my boy Felix helped a ton and ran the booth while I picked up business cards and stuff.


Here's Justin Pawlak and his girl (I think her name was Sandra), watch out for him, he is sick. He has a super sick green FC3S TurboII with perfect offset white TE37 wheels. And he can drive an FC better than you can. He is sick, watch out for him the future. He can drive his ass off.

This is Al and her bf David Padron. You pronounce it "Duh-Veeed." He has an AE86 hatchback and he is gettin pretty damn good at drifting. Al is a photographer, she shoots grassroots drifting ALOT. She is building up her rep as a photographer, and is coming up! So shoots at almost all the grassroots drifting events right now, so she definitely gets my respect for that!

Here's the DriftLive crew packed in the back of Daveed's AE86. I didn't know AE86s could be 5 seaters, but they proved me wrong!

Dan Pena (he says pronounce it Peenya, as in pina colada) has a CHP themed drift mustang. The back of his Mustang hit the wall at Irwindale but Dan's still smiling. He is one hell of a driver, Calvin Wan keeps saying that. Dan beat Calvin's time at an autocross when he was driving Calvin's own FD3S, and Calvin will never forget that, he was so pissed. So they went road racing, and Calvin beat Dan in Dan's own Volkswagen. Now Calvin feels better. haha

Taka Aono was at the event with his Cressida wagon, he has perfect fitment RS Watanabe wheels on the car, and even more in the trunk! Yesss! Even though the Formula D Pro-AM/Kumho Street Warriorz event was sponsored by Kumho, Taka represented Falken with big stickers on his car, and he even put a Falken sticker on his shirt.

This zenki AE86 hatchback belongs to my friend Roy Vizcarra from Sacramento CA. He was originally from the Bay Area, and worked at Auto Plus in South San Francisco. Roy was one of the OG AE86ers I met when I was first getting into AE86s. His hood is white cause it's a real TRD fiberglass hood, not a cheap carbon fiber knockoff piece of junk.

Here's Roy again! He is a super nice guy! Aside from racing his AE86, he is also a competitive shooter, this guy can take you out if he has a gun in his hand. So don't mess with his car! Lucky for you, he is super nice and isn't the type to put a cap in your ass. But he could definitely do it if he wanted to.

Oh but I think it's pretty funny... because of his glasses, don't you think Roy kinda looks like the filipino version of the Unabomber? Dude if you had him in a hoodie, with those glasses on, he looks pretty close! LOL sorry Roy!

Look at the scoreboard for qualifying points! Top Qualifier was "Mr John" from Speed Machine in San Diego, 2nd was Lance Feliciano, and 3rd was Patrick Mordaunt. Awesome to have three AE86ers in the top 3! Even though Lance is driving an S14 right now, I still consider him an 86er because he started out in an AE86, and still has the 86 in his heart. Good shit.

Another thing, look at Verena Mei's score! #4 qualifier!!! Awesome! She is seriously kicking ass! Verena is definitely a driver you better keep your eyes on! She has passion and determination! And her skills are definitely improving quickly.

My boy Jerry from Pacific Rim rolled through in his super pimp old school Ford station wagon. I'm not sure if it's a Fairlane or a Falcon, but I love it!

Pimp Jer rockin the bench seat, so his chicks have more room to lay down on his lap.

Even though Mr John beat him in qualifying, Lance Feliciano took top honors at the event in overall points, and in final competition! Here he is posing for photos onstage after they announced him the WINNER!

The guys up there are from Kumho, they just presented him with a new set of tires, and a big ass speaker box (I think it was from Cerwin Vega) and I laughed cause when Lance was up there, he said "THANKSS! But what am I gonna do with this?" Haha yeah your competition car doesnt need those big ass speakers man. Put it in your mom's SUV.

Justin and some of the other homies sprayed Lance with drinks when he wasn't expecting it! haha!

Here's Lance and his mom celebrating his victory! Sure is nice when your mom supports your involvement in drifting. It isn't like that for most people.

This AE86 looked dope!!! I heard it is owned by a pro drag racer. It looks dope with the wheel fitment and stance! I think they are RS Watanabe 15x8J wheels but I don't think they're Type Rs. Maybe RSW F8F?

After the event, me, Felix, Mr John, Martin, and Pat Mordaunt rolled over to Krua Thai in West Covina. My friend Dan hooked up some goooood thai food, thanks Dan! See us blocking all the parking spots with John's AE86? Hell yeah.

Work Equip 01 3 piece, 15x9J -25 offset.

The "touge slicer." Cause there are silhouettes of razorblades on the valve cover.

Silvertop 20v with ITBS. Lovely. And an ARC radiator for a Honda Civic.

Friday before SEMA is so hectic. But we're still goin out.

Dude we have been working sooo damn hard all week to get everything ready for SEMA, it's nuts. I don't even want to talk about it right now. Peep out these pics instead.

Before I went to meet up with the crew, Kevin from came over to pick up some boxes of my DRIFTING books from me. He will be selling them on his new website,

Me and Kevin went to grab a quick bite to eat at Chipotle, before we both went back to work again.

I was supposed to go to my friend Sharon's place cause she was having a party in Lakewood for her bday, and I was looking forward to going! Sharon is a good friend of mine, and she's hot too. And she has hot friends.

But the thing is, she told me that her party is a costume party, and we had to dress up... but me and my crew were all busy preparing for SEMA, we didn't have time to buy or make a costume. Man we had soooo many other things to do. Sorry I didn't make it Sharon. =(

I finished up with all my work much later in the evening, like 11:30pm. I decided to go out real quick so I met up with my usual crew and we went out to Hollywood, as usual. Love that place. This night, we went to Garden of Eden.

Here's the crew (L-R) Herbrock One, Kip from Green Bottle Hawaii, Tob Roc, Jay One, Antonio Sureshot, and Ganja Todd.

Here's Jay and Matt at the bar. Matt designs the promotional print media and movie posters for big Hollywood movie releases.

This is Amy on the left, she is from Hawaii. I just met her like 30 minutes before we got to the party. She told me she is building her modeling portfolio. Can't wait to see it! And you guys all know Char already, because we hang out like almost every single day! Damn, me and my friends see each other alot.

Damn that's OG. OG as in Ojiiiiiiiiichan. (Old man in Japanese) Ojiichan Jay is my boy! He's at the bar paying for drinks. I don't normally talk candle light photos of my boys. Haha ok you caught me. lol... JUST KIDDING.

Ganja Todd and Stan from Drift Over Grip. These guys seem to always look like this when they hang out together. Hmm...

Here's Kip and Amy at the outside patio of the venue, they're both from Hawaii. I LOVE Hawaii! Oh but Kip owns a video production company called Green Bottle Productions. I have one of their DVDs, it has a blue AE86 in it! Cool!

Wonder why his company is called Green Bottle Productions? Take a look at what's in his hand.

My boys right here are trying to look all hard and stuff in this photo, but I just think it's funny because Stan and Herb are ALWAYS over at Jay's house. I mean ALWAYS. Call Jay at any time whatsoever, and ask him what he's doing. He will always say "I'm just chillin at the pad with Stan and Herb." I wonder if these guys leave toothbrushes at Jay's place now! HAHA

Oh by the way, this party we attended was a costume party. But my boys and I don't roll like that. We're a bunch of grown ass men, we're not trying to wear costumes to the clubs!

But we ran into my friends Tweezy and Carla again. Carla is dressed up like a boxer. She even got the boxing gloves, so I know you wanna hit that!

Here's Jerry and Jay. Planning some big things for December mannnnn...

Friday, October 27, 2006

Drunk on a weeknight: S13 Stan Tran The Man's Birthday.

Okay well October 25th was our boy Stan's bday, so we all went out to celebrate. We were all slammed with work, due to hectic SEMA preparations, designing new business cards, getting flyers and lanyards and everything else printed up...

But Stan Tran The Man is our boy, so we put all the bizzyness aside and met up to celebrate his birthday. This is (L-R) Tobin, Stan, me, and Scott. I gave my camera to a drunk chick and asked her to take a picture. Crazy, this must have been what she was seeing in real life. haha (but the effect is caused by a quick pop of the flash, and a slow shutter speed.)

We were at some "tavern" called Red Lion in the Silverlake area of LA. And a tavern it was. Everyone in there looked weird as hell. I felt like I was in that one scene on Lord of The Rings where Frodo and the other gay hobbit were meeting up with Strider, or Aragorn. Oh man, I sound like a nerd now. LOL

But seriously, the people in the bar looked pretty weird to me. The way they were dressed, it really looked like some old 1970s or 80s English medieval-themed pub or something, it's like you couldn't tell we were in LA. Those peeps looked weird. From the clothes to their hairstyles and stuff... I seriously thought they all looked like they could be hobbits or something weird.

Scott and Reiko here are newlyweds! They are an awesome couple! I figured since they just got married, they must be doing it like rabbits, so I thought I should get in between to break up "the festivities" for just a little bit. But ya know what, they ended up leaving early because Scott said "Reiko has to work." Yeah right, you just wanna do it, you perv. It's all good, Reiko's cute, so you better do it as much as you can Scott! haha

Here's Reiko and her friend Peggy, who I met at Scott and Reiko's wedding! In case you guys didn't know, Reiko can drift and she has an S13, and she can drive better than most guys can. She is cool as hell cause she felt so bad that her new husband had an FF car, so she wasn't havin it... and she bought him an S13 as a gift. In Stockton or Modesto or some far place in Cali that nobody visits.

See?! What did I tell you! Scott gave Reiko "the look," and immediately Reiko faked a yawn, and then said her goodbyes to Bev and Char. See Scott smiling in the background? He's like "yo I'mma handle it in just a few!"

Here's Charlene Ann and Beverly Jane. But we call em Char and Bev cause their names are too damn long. They're both hella sweet though,

Rob and Tobs are chillin in a booth, and Rob is telling Tobs a joke, but it's one of those "I guess you had to be there" jokes, cause Tobs doesn't look like he's feelin it. Tob's nice though, so he did a courtesy smile.

Here's our crew. We kick it all the time. But Bev doesn't come out and kick it with us enough, cause she's at home waiting for Karl to call from Japan. They call back and forth using Vonage to save money. Man Vonage is the shit.

Stan had a shitload of drinks, and he picked up Char's sidekick and started texting all her female friends... see him smiling right there? Right now he's AIMing... "Deee Jaaayyyyy... I lovvvvveee youuuuuu..."

The guys decided the only way to make Stan stop drunk texting people is by getting him another drink, so Shannon bought another round. Here's Stan, Shannon, Tob, and Jay going "Kampaiiiiiiiiiii!!!"

Look at this guy! So money and he doesn't even know it! He's getting kisses on the side, and he's like "leave me alone woman, I'm drinking." Tobin you are so money and you don't even know it. Wordup! I'm gonna jack you for that dope ass HI hat one of these days.

Talkin bizzness. You'll see, just wait til December peeps! Oh and by the way, Jay is rocking Tokyo Drive, and so was I that night. Representing for our drunk Japanese friend Kenta, who is intoxicated and starting fights halfway across the world.

Bout to bounce out, Shannon took a pic of me and Bev! Happy Birthday Stan!

Too bad you threw up at Jay's house. hahahaha

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Chipotle, Korean Gangsters, Mexican Ninjas, Banana Bay, it's all good stuff.

Wow I'm finally catching up to this blog thing! A few days ago I met up with Felix and he brought over all the excess inventory and supplies from the NHRA event. We went to Chipotle to get some grub. Okay, so I'm not the hugest fan of chain restaurants, I prefer local food establishments.

Chipotle started I think in Colorado, and it's now owned by McDonald's, so it's spreading nationwide now... I've seen it in Colorado, Washington DC, LA, and a bunch of other places... but man! For a chain restaurant, I think Chipotle is pretty damn good! I'm not a super huge fan of mexican restaurants, but man, their food is pretty fresh, and they give good portions, and it tastes good. And I guess it's relatively healthy too. Big ups Chipotle.

I have a bunch of biz cards, so I always throw my card in their little jar saying "Enter your Business Card for a free lunch" but I never win a damn thing. They are probably selling our biz cards to telemarketers. Dammit.

Later that night I rolled out to Radio Shack to return the big bullhorn my uncle bought for me, to rock at Formula D Finals... haha I don't need it anymore! Until the next event, LOL. Right now I got money tied up in clothing, books, and all sorts of other merchandise, so I gotta watch the budget, so that's how we roll.

Ok so the next day (day before yesterday) I was just working, had a bunch of deadlines to knock out before SEMA... and then my friend Dan called me up and asked if I wanted to go grub. He just got a new G35, so I wanted to check it out too.

So we went over to BCD Tofu House over on Fullerton and Colima in Rowland Heights. It was the first time I've ever been there, but I just wanted to try something new. Man that place is hella good! It's called Tofu House, but they server Korean food, it's not just tofu!

I'm gonna bring Kumakubo and Tanaka here next time they're in LA, they love Korean food! Usually we go to the Korean spot, Yei San Jib, which is on Fullerton/Colima in the same plaza as HK Market, across the street from Tommy's. I love that place cause they server good food and it's 24 hours, but I think BCD Tofu House tastes better.

Dude when we were eating at BCD Tofu House, there were some Hankook gangster lookin kids chillin there, they must have been like 19 years old, one of the Korean kids was talking all hardcore and shit, cause he was mad at the other Korean... he was saying shit like "you stabbed me in the back" and the other Korean guys were saying like "yeah dog you shoulda known better" and the other dude was trying to squash it and be apologetic, but not lose face cause his girlfriend was right there, and he didn't wanna look like a chump. Oh BTW his gf was pretty cute, but I didn't wanna sneak a pic again and "pull a zankou" cause you never know, these Hankooks just might be strapped. They probably were.

Man what's up with all the Asian kids having guns nowadays!? What the fuck! What ever happened to "numchuks" and shit!? What the hell you need a gun for?

Man when I was a kid all we had were "numchuks." Hahaha "nunchakus" is how you spell it but the white kids in my neighborhood all called em "numchuks." Dude I was kinda G for a little kid too, I had a collection of knives too, I had some really nice old Filipino knives and swords, and I remember I wanted a katana and ninja stars and shit.

Damn, I just realized I liked JDM shit even before I got into cars. Japanese knives, robots, etc. Imagine if kids walked around at school saying "daaamn son did you see the sick new JDM ninja stars I got?! It's hella rare!"

Or maybe it would be pointless to call it a JDM NINJA STAR, cause DUH when's the last time you saw a MEXICAN NINJA!? EXACTLY! The shit doesn't exist! If there WERE Mexican ninjas, they would be better off, cause then they could cross the border all silently and stealthily, and they wouldn't get shot at by the border patrols! No shit! Mexicans should learn the ancient art of being ninjas. That would be bad ass.

Dude if the illegal mexican immigrants knew how to walk silently and stealthily like ninjas, then they could safely cross the border with their families, and they wouldn't need those ridiculous "border crossing signs" near San Diego! I mean, WTF is that?!

We normally see stuff like "deer crossing" and stuff like that, but near San Diego on the 5 freeway, they have "mexican crossing" signs with a picture of a Mexican family running across the freeway! That shit is crazy!

Maybe someone could invent something you could attach to your car, sort of like those "Deer Horns" that you attach to your front bumper, which emit a sound that only deer can hear, so they get the F out of your way when you're driving through the mountains...

But instead of "Deer Horns" they would be like "Border Crosser Horns" and they could emit sounds like that one song "Tequila" or "La Cucaracha" or "Lowrider" or some shit. Man I think that would be fucking hot.

Whoever invents these would probably get some sort of SEMA "Best New Product" Award or something. Serious.

Oh shit, I kinda went off topic there. Anyways, this is the food at BCD Tofu House. It is pretty damn good if I do say so myself. It was only like $13.99 I think, and you get all this crap. Damn, that was some good food man. Just be careful that you don't get shot by the Korean gangsters chillin there.

Next thing, we walked across the parking lot to Banana Bay to get a drink. Banana Bay is a pretty dope restaurant, they serve thai food, but the best thing is they have a really nice ambiance. On Friday nights, they have a pretty dope band that plays, and there's a chick singing songs from like Sade, Stevie Wonder, and stuff like that. I dig it.

Dan's friend works over there, so we we got some Thai iced coffee. Dope!

When we went in to Banana Bay, we saw some of our friends, the TAB usuals... chillin outside. Geoff, Brent, Scott, and the rest of the crew... and these cats were still outside when we left. Loiterers! Haha it's all good, I like those peeps.

Aight then. I hope my comments above didn't offend anybody. But if they did, then that's too bad. You should start your own blog then. Sucka!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

NHRA Finals, Extreme Autofest, and NHRA Season Finale Banquet

This past weekend, Felix came through yet again, and we rocked a booth spot at the NHRA Season Finale/Extreme Autofest in Pomona. We loaded up all the gear and books into the AE86s, and drove out to Pomona Fairplex.

We set up a little spot with our friends from Belle 1 Race Communications. We had the RSR S15 on display, and my red AE86 as well. Actually, I wasn't planning to show the car, but when we got there, I didn't feel like parking it all far cause I had alot of stuff in the car with me. So we said F it, and we're just gonna park it right here. Here's a photo of the booth.

This is my boy Daryl from Belle 1. He was walking around the event taking pictures with his Mac. With a LAPTOP! Come on bro. Someone buy this man a camera already. Serious! haha

So we were chillin at the booth and this model named Ann comes by. She was checkin out my book, cause she's into literature. But my book is mostly filled with my photography, I dunno if she was expecting that or not.

So I started talking to Ann, asking her what's her name, what she's into, where she's from, etc... She said she's from Camarillo originally, so I thought, what a perfect opportunity to introduce her to my crew! My boys from Belle 1 are from the 805!

So I was like, yo actually my boys right here are originally from the same area (Oxnard) and they represent 805 every chance they get. I introduced her to my boy Fred, and she's like... wait a minute... "FREDDDD!!! OMG! wtf! hi2uLOL!"

She jumped up and hugged Fred, but Fred had this totally "wait... HUH??" look on his face, cause he had no idea who this girl was at first, but being the smart man that he is, he just played it off and took the hug. (That's my BOY right there! Yesss!) I just sat back laughing cause I knew this cat was puzzled, and trying to put the pieces together.

Apparently Ann remembered Fred cause he used to go out with one of her close friends named Diane (Dee). Small world.

What's even crazier, was when Fred was looking though my blog, he was like "YO you know those girls at the house party we didn't go into? Well I saw your pics, and one of the girls was my ex gf Dee! Crazy shit!"

The crazier thing is the girl from the house party, Dee... is the same Dee that Ann here is friends with. Crazy huh. 6 Degrees of separation for sure.

So I took this photo of Fred and Ann next to the cover of my book. Ann's face says "Awwww I'm so happy, I found an old friend!" and Fred's face says "Hey yo bro, at first, I didn't know who the hell this chick was, but I'm gangster like that, so I played it off and I took the hug anyway!" haha

Oh and in case you didn't know, my book attracts some pretty hot girls. I don't know what it is, but it's true.

No, I'm serious. They even pick it up and read it too, they don't just pose with it.

This is my boy Andy Luk, from Formula D Inc. Andy (aka ODP or Old Dirty Panda) is the guy who tells everyone where they can and can't set up their booths, and things dealing with operations. And apparently he has his own little operation going on with his new chick, Kaylah! We all met Kaylah chasing cones at Formula D Seattle, but from what Andy says, she now lives in Southern Cali with my boy right here! NICE! Wow you work fast Andy! Good job!

I'd usually expect that sort of thing from Formula D's Richard Tran, he can always be found spittin game to the ladies... but ODP, you are the man!

We had my boy Arnell aka DJ A1 on the wheels of steel, making sure the crowd always got hype to the freshest beats, when they came close to our booth.

My boy Karlo aka Joe Tokyo took this photo of some of the goods at the booth...

This is Karlo, Stace, and Felix right here, chillin out in the cool shade of the Belle 1 booth, with a cool book in their hands.

My friend Mike Kojima came through to the booth and bought a copy of my book, and asked me to sign it for him. Man Mike Kojima is the FOUNDATION!

Let me break it down real quick for those who don't know... Mike Kojima writes tech articles for several Primedia publications, and used to work at Nismo, and TRD, and stuff like that. Mike is a very skilled road racer, and he was one of (if not the very first) one to build up an AE86 in the USA. He worked at TRD USA in its "Golden Years" (late 80s/early 90s), and he built up his red 1985 AE86 hatchback with TRD suspension, engine mods, and basic stuff like JDM sideskirts, Sprinter taillights, rollbar, stuff like that. Mike says he started building it up the first day he got it.

He also helped build this particular silver 1985 AE86 hatchback, owned by a guy named Paul Goduti. Paul Goduti's silver AE86 was featured in the Toyota Performance Handbook, which is a book from Motorbooks International. Paul and Mike's AE86s were some of the first AE86s ever built up in the USA. The other crazy thing is I now own the silver AE86 which used to belong to Paul Goduti. I bought it several years ago at a premium, and I kept it on the downlow for years... it will come back out soon. Don't even trip.

Karlo shot this pic of Stace in the new 86LIFE zip hoodie for girls. Good job for covering the 86LIFE logo with your hair Stace. haha

This is a photo of some real deal AE86ers right here. (L-R) Felix Tang, Dave DeVera, and Antonio Alvendia. Felix has been helping the CipherGarage mission tirelessly for the past few weeks (since Formula D finals), helping me on the merchandise end.

Dave, here in the middle, has a new website called (you can just click on the photo above, it's easier). He has an 86 hatchback, and he's from the east coast. He also was the winner of this year's Scion Challenge! This guy is a good drag racer! He beat out pro draggers, and he got best ET, top speed of day, and all that... he won like 3 different awards at the Scion banquet, and some fly Scion watches! Good job Dave!

Oh yeah, before the day was over, Ann came by the booth again, and I took a photo of her. I am not hatin on her frame! This girl looks good! But she blinked. Nandayo Ann! haha

End of the day at Extreme Autofest/NHRA Finals. We were loading everything back into our AE86s. Man I should sell my Lexus and buy a van or something. But vans don't look cool. Hmmm. Tough choice.

Lightin em up! I think this pic ain't bad for a POS Casio digicam, but imagine how much cooler it would look with the Canon SLR.

Felix was driving around in the RS*R S15, but ssshhhh don't tell the guys at RS*R. They will never find out, it's not like I posted it on the internet or something. So I took a photo of him. This is a photo taken by Fred David, of me takin a photo of Felix.

Disclaimer: There were a ton of heavy boxes of BOOKS and other supplies in the back of my car, which caused the resulting fender gap. My car is lower in real life!

So here's the photo I shot of Felix, with my Canon digital SLR. He looks pretty happy doesn't he. Dude it also looks like his head is just floating inside the car, because of the light cutoff. haha!

Here's Felix in the S15 again, this time, it looks more natural. He was saying "yo I think I'm feeling this S15 a grip." Well don't get too used to it homeboy because still 86>15. Wordup.

At the end of the night, we were tired as hell. But we decided to roll to the NHRA Banquet and Awards Ceremony with our boys Daryl and Fred from Belle 1. Daryl took this photo.

Although I admittedly am not a huge drag racing buff, I heard some of the stories people were telling about some of the teams and drivers like Ron Bergenholtz, Loan Nguyen (is that her name? it might be a import model's name, I'm not sure. So if it is, my bad I'm sorry), Jeremy Lookofsky, and the SA22C RX7 guy from Puerto Rico... and I gotta say, it was really inspiring.

These guys sweat it out, working hard through thick and thin, with or without sponsors... for instance, Bergenholtz won this season, and this guy didn't even have backing from a major car company! And he still took em out! That's just incredible.

It kinda brought me back and made me think, it's the same type of struggle that drifters are going through right now. But regardless if they are drifters or draggers, or even photographers... the people who succeed are able to overcome their obstacles and rise above the struggle because of their focus, determination and HEART. Their passion for their sport is what drives them. That's deep right there.

So chase your dreams NOW. Do that shit. Seize the moment, seize the day. You can't ever regain lost time. Don't ever waste an opportunity to do something that drives you.