Tuesday, November 07, 2006

SEMA2006: Best Vegas Trip Ever. Pics of Day 1

Seriously this has got to be the best trip to Las Vegas I've ever had. Everything was dope. The company of people I was with, the business connections and networking and deals we did at the show, and then of course the parties were off the hook!

Here's my favorite photo I took on the first night. It's a photo from the outdoor patio at MIX, which is in "THE Hotel" which adjoins Mandalay Bay. It's dope, Mix has a dope atmosphere and an awesome view of Vegas and the Strip, due to the glass windows surrounding the top level patio.

Not a bad photo for a small point n shoot huh.

I rolled up to Las Vegas with Jay and Joyce, and the fresh pimped out Lex. And when we got there at night, we met up with my friend James Bondurant. He was drinking a beer inside The Gap at Caesar's Palace Forum Shops. There's a pic of Jay too, saying "oh damnnn!"

Then we went over to Paris to link up with my boy Tobin. Here's a photo of Tob and Joyce in the elevator, as we were going up to the room.

Also met up with Elizabeth and Mickey...

This is Mickey with his gf Courtney. You might have seen her hosting episodes of Redline TV on Speed Channel, or in a book titled "DRIFTING" by Antonio Alvendia. She is in the umbrella girl section. She has an S14 and she's building it up. Mickey has a black S13 convertible with deep offset wheels.

We rolled out to this spot called Mix to link up with my friend Lyle, which was in THE Hotel, adjoining Mandalay Bay. Here's a photo I took inside Mix, but it was at the end of the night after everyone went home.

Super Street and C16 are some of my favorite magazines to work for. (L-R) Here we have my boy Carter Jung from SS, Ricky Chu, and Ray David, the super flav creative director of C16. Ray is hella cool man.

Tobin was laughing for a minute, cause our drunk friend Justin kept expressing his frustration with some of the guys who were here at the event, cause he hella hooked them up with potential leads on a silver platter all night, and they didn't handle biz. I feel you bro. LOL

Here's a shot of some of the folks we were chillin with up above THE Hotel, on the night before SEMA started. In the black jacket is my boy Julius from Orlando, in the Kangol is Ray David from C16, and in the white shirt is my boy Lyle from Dynasty Empire in Chicago. The rest are Lyle's entourage.

Yo here's Ray Ray gettin the digits. Ladies always love a man in a Kangol. Word!

THE Hotel is pretty dope. Here's the view inside the lobby, looking out to the parking structure as we left all our friends and began walking out.

These are my boys! James Bondurant after 5 too many beers, me, Tobin, and Scott. We're always chillin!


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