Tuesday, November 07, 2006

SEMA2006: Pics of Day 2. Halloween Party!

This was definitely one of my favorite vehicles at SEMA. It isn't a production car, it's a one-off "Retro Cruiser" project done for Toyota by the masterminds at Millenworks. They modified the body of an FJ-45 Land Cruiser, and put a new Toyota V8 in it, and newer body (maybe FJ80?) Land Cruiser suspension. I think it is bad ass, I'd love to own this thing! But it's only a concept/project. Damn!

For more info on this Toyota Retro Cruiser, check out the Millenworks Web Site. Millenworks is a company founded by Rhys Millen's dad, legendary Toyota/Pike's Peak Champion Rod Millen. Rod has taken his motorsports and fabrication background to the next level, and now he's making vehicles for the US government and stuff! Crazy!

Old school restored Toyota Hilux! Cool! If you own one of these trucks and need parts, call up my boy HerbrockOne at Cabe Toyota Parts in Long Beach, 562-595-7411.

Even older Toyota truck! Look at the crazy fender mounted turn signals. Dope!

Super old school Toyota Stout. These were the first Toyota trucks from the 1960s. Awesome that they brought out these beautifully restored trucks to SEMA! I'm all about restored vintage Toyotas!

I ran into my good friend Mercedes at SEMA! I haven't had the chance to see her in a long time, since we've been so busy. We used to travel together to all the Drift Showoff events, I used to love flying with her and hanging out in different cities together. But now we're so busy with our different projects and events! Miss you Cedes!

I ran into a couple of my friends, Andy Williamson and John Naderi, as we were passing the Konig booth. Andy was chillin out talking to the Konig guys. In case you don't know him, he was the original Editor In Chief for C16 Magazine, and used to be with TMR before that. John Naderi is obviously the Editor In Chief of the mighty Super Street empire so he's always busy, but now he's even more busy with a brand new baby at home! Congrats Nads!

They were both rocking my new "Drifting changed my life" lanyards at SEMA all week, even though you can't see Andy's lanyard- it's under his "cool guy Miami Vice" sport coat.

Dope! They brought this new rally version Land Cruiser KXR from Spain just for SEMA! It was upstairs near the media room.

Man! LAnd Cruiser KXR! That's hella cool.

Hmm, I don't know what's hotter, Courtney Day in this outfit, or the wheel fitment on Mickey's S13 convertible. Hmmmmmmmmmm. Courtney is always lookin good, but it's a tough choice, cause those wheels are pretty damn hot.

Oh snap! We were walking by the American Racing booth, and my boy Jose noticed this huge wall/banner with a picture of Daijiro Yoshihara's Pac Rim S13 on it. And he was like "Yo! Did you see the Cipher Garage logo on the banner?" What? I was surprised to see it, I didn't notice it at first! Dope! Thanks Jerry and Dai! Here's the banner behind us.

After the show we went to the American Racing reception at the Renaissance Hotel next door, which was put together by my boys Victor, Michael, and John from ID Agency. They had an open bar and hors deuvres there, but my boy "Pimpin Pete" right here didn't care about that, he had his hands full with the ladies as always!

After the reception, I headed back to Paris to have dinner. Here's Joyce doing her "Trademark Pose Number 2376-B" while I'm talkin on the phone with someone.

I know it looks like a scene from a bad porn, but here's the real story. The prime rib had some super spicy horseradish, and Elizabeth bet my boy Robert $5 bucks that he couldn't down a spoon of it. It was pretty spicy, but he did it. And I doubt Elizabeth paid up, but I'll have to ask him.

Even though we were having fun screwing around, Nick was just concentrating on his drink. As you can tell, he's always very focused on his goals.

Here's Eri, Melanie, and a not-so-cute big Chinese bunny.

I'm serious, Robert was down with the Chinese bunny uniform!

But then Eri got her ears back, and thank goodness cause they look much better on her. Then she jacked this coffee cup from the restaurant and went up to her room with it.

So we all got ready to go out, and on the way out, we ran into my man J-Brad and his girlfriend Anisia. Anisha? Anicia? Dude I dunno how to spell it homie. Thats a dope shirt though, J-Brad is always laced in the fly gear.

You can simply right click to save this pic. Here's Melanie, Joyce, Elizabeth, Eri, and Courtney at the Paris casino right before we headed out! Hot like fire!

And since we were all staying at the Paris, I had to wear my own "Paris" shirt to fit the theme. You dig?

This is me with my boy Tob-Roc. He is hella down.

We all went to Tao at the Venetian, and there was a big line outside... and I saw this dude right here. I have no idea who he is, but I thought it was so funny because we were like "oh shit, he's dressed as LANCE FELICIANO for Halloween!" LOL He must have been studying Lance, cause he got it right, even down to the Sparco suit, glasses, faux mohawk, goatee, and lines cut into the side of his hair. Damn, a fake Lance Feliciano! Hilarious!

Ok just in case yall don't know, here's the REAL Lance Feliciano, chillin next to his S14 competition car. Lance is my boy, and I'm proud of him cause he won First Place at the Formula D Pro-Am at Irwindale, just a few days before SEMA. And now he has peeps dressing up like him for Halloween! Damn Lance you comin up son! LOL

Back to the story, the bar inside Tao was pretty packed.

But then this chick started dancing on the bar, and I'm not hating on that!

Here's me and Eri chillin...

And Mickey was laughing his ass off cause Ross Petty came in with a ski mask and started saying some funny shit... but yo Ross really wears that thing! Dude we were walking through the airport security checkpoint, flying home from Formula D Seattle, and Ross took off his shoes, and was about to walk through the security thing with his ski mask on! Hilarious!

Colleen and Courtney were chillin... Colleen dressed up as a Japanese chick, but she used to live in Okinawa, so I bet she used to like, just walk around town with that outfit anyways. haha and Court was a naughty nurse. Cool!

Melanie had these big wings strapped to her back, and she kept bitch slapping people with them, on accident! Here's me getting bitch slapped with Mel's wings! It's ok though, cause she's hot. Anthony agrees, see he's smiling up front.

DAMMIT MELANIE! Is what Liz here is thinking! She got bitch slapped with Melanie's wings too! LOL

Eri was posing for a nice booty shot, but my friend Juan Henao from South Florida is a great drifter but a lousy lousy photographer, and he didn't capture Eri's booty in the pic. Dude she even had a cotton bunny tail, how could u miss that?!

Anyways, here's me, Melanie, and "Paris."

I really gotta thank my boy Ken Miyoshi from Drift Showoff, because he bought this shirt for me as a gift when he was in Hawaii for Streetcar Showoff this year. Everyone looks at my shirt, especially when I wore it in Vegas, they were all asking me where they could get it. So here's the 411:

You can buy this "Paris Hilton Coup De Grace" shirt at:

1050 Ala Moana Blvd B1 Bay 5+6
Honolulu HI 96814
(Ward Warehouse in Honolulu HI or order it over the phone or on their website) Tell em you saw it on the Cipher Garage blogspot!

OR if you live in Los Angeles, you can get it at:

Fast Eddie's Garage.
1116 W. Washington Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90015

My boy Jonny Wong was responsible for educating most of the uninformed people on the east coast and midwest about JDM parts, through his articles in Super Street Magazine. He started writing about JDM stuff around 99 and 2000, and now look. Even Nopi has JDM cars there. Sheesh. It blew up.

Two of my close friends right here, Tobin and Kelvin. Tobin was responsible for making Enkei Wheels popular in the drifting community, and Kelvin is responsible for making Baccali a popular restaurant in Alhambra CA. They even have a private parking spot just for Kelvin, and they even have a security guard on call to watch his car when he's inside eating! Now that's some shit! High roller over here...

Eri and Joyce chillin with my boys! Hot!

I spotted Thai at the club and I was hella happy, she is one of my favorites for sure! She has the BEST personality. Love that girl.

Dude this was the waitress who handed over the bill. She was lookin pretty aight! But the bill looked pretty crazy. Oh well that's how it happens at SEMA!


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